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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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wagewage and salary structure
wage arbitrationwage bill
wage categorywage control
wage costswage determination
wage differentialswage earner
wage employmentwage equation
wage escalation clausewage expenditure
wage freezewage incentive
wage incentive planwage index
wage lagwage paid
wage pressurewage rates
wage scalewage settlement
wage sheetwage system
wage taxwage unit
wage workwage-cut
wages and hours legislationwages and salaries
wages in kindwages scale
waiverwaiver clause
waiver of obligationswaiver of prohibitions
waiver of rightwaiver of right...
wantwant of goods
want of moneywant of stock
want satisfactionwants and needs of the consumer
war economyware
warehousewarehouse bond
warehouse capacitywarehouse dues
warehouse keeperwarehouse man
warranted growthwarranted rate of growth
waste assetswaste coefficient
waste moneywaste of capital
waste of labourwaste of material
waste productswaste utilization
wasted capacitywasteful
wasteful resource allocationwater resources development
water shipmentsway-bill
weak marketwealth
wearwear and tear
weighing coefficientweight
weight baseweighted arithmetic average
weighted averageweighted basket
weighted by regional composition of export and importweighted distribution
weighted meanweighted price index
weighted price numberweighted sampling
weighting methodsweights and measures
welfarewelfare benefits
welfare compensationwelfare economics
welfare functionwelfare payments
welfare serviceswelfare state
well assorted stockwell-capitalized
Western industrial economysWFC
WFPwhite collar employees
white-collar employeeswhite-collar workers
wholesalewholesale and export houses
wholesale businesswholesale house
wholesale marginwholesale market
wholesale pricewholesale prices
wholesale storewholesale trade
wholly fully owned subsidiarywholly manufactured goods
wholly owned subsidiarywholly unemployed
wide-collar productivitywidening gap between the developed and the developing countries
wild-cat strikewindfall profits
window dressingwindow shopping
withdrawwithdraw a credit
withdraw an orderwithdraw deposits
withdraw from circulationwithdrawal
withdrawal benefitwithdrawal of capital
withdrawals of goldwithdrawn funds
withholdwithholding taxes
workwork accidents
work activityswork allocation
work by the daywork by the piece
work collectivework for hire
work for linework force
work in processwork in progress
work intensitywork load
work measurementwork on loan
work overtimework schedule
work standardizationwork station
work studywork study man
work taskwork ticket
workerworker's council
worker's crewworker's gang
worker's self-managementworker's suggestions
worker's teamworkers on shot time
workers placementworkers profit sharing
workers self- managementworking
working abilityworking agreement
working assets(s)sworking capacity
working capitalworking capital (cash, notes and accounts receivable,
working conditionsworking costs
working cycleworking expenditures
working hoursworking load
working lossesworking method
working of a patentworking order
working periodworking place
working populationworking security
working shiftworking standard
working yearworkman's compensation
works demand noteworks fund
works managerworld
World bankworld commerce
world economic outlookworld economic situation
world economic surveyworld economy
world Food Councilworld Food Programme
world food securityworld food situation
world food stocksworld market
world market pricesworld market rates
world monetary situationworld payment situation
world pricesworld production
world tradeworld trade equilibrium
world-wide noveltyworth
write-off bad debtswrite-off for tear and wear
write-off ten-off valuewritten down costs
written off costswritten off value