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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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vacationvacation pay
valuation basketvaluation of fixed funds
valuevalue a liquidation
value addedvalue added component
value added taxvalue and volume of exports
value and volume of importsvalue appraisement
value at bordervalue at liquidation
value balancevalue data
value engineeringvalue export f.o.b.
value exports F. O. B.value flows
value import c.i.f.value indicators
value indicesvalue of a variable
value of capitalvalue of crop sold
value of external tradevalue of foreign trade
value of importsvalue of production
value of shipmentsvalue of year-end inventory
value premisesvariability
variablevariable capital
variable exchangevariable expense
variable expensessvariable inputs
variable levysvariable outlays
variable quantityvariable zone
variation in pricesvariation of prices
variations in the determinants of growthvaried
varied stockvariety
varyvary directly as...
vary inverselyVAT
vaultvault cash
velocityvelocity of money
vendible coalvending
vending machinevendor
vendor deliveryvendue
ventureventure capital
venturerventures with local participation
verticalvertical expansion
vertical integrationvessel
vessel documentsvessel ton
vessels launchedvessels under construction
vestvested capital
vested interestsviable economy
victimizationvideo aids
village industryviolent fluctuations
visible balancevisible consumption
visible stocksvisible supply
visible trade deficitvisible trade of balance
vitalvital industries
vital ratesvital record
vital recordsvital register
vital requirementsvital statistics
vital statisticssvocation
vocationalvocational education
vocational guidancevocational hygiene
vocational perfectioningvocational school
vocational teachersvocational training
volumevolume for business
volume indexvolume of business
volume of constructionvolume of imports
volume of outputvolume of production
volume of shipmentsvolume of traffic
volume pricevolume production
volume salevolume sales
volume weightvoluntary deposits
voluntary export constraintvoting shares
vouchvouch expenses