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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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tabletable column
table entrytable line
table of interesttable of rates
table of weights and measurestable row
tabulartabular bookkeeping
tabular calculationtabular data
tabulatetabulateing card
tabulateing machinetabulating machine
tagtailor-made manufacture
taketake aboard
take overtake over bid
take uptake-home pay
take-over bidtaker
tangible assetstangible assets(s)s
tangible goodstangible net worth
tangible propertytangible services
tangible wealthtangibles
tank vesseltarget
target datestarget figure
target for voluntary contributions to the programmetarget for World Food Programme pledges
target ratetarget year
tarifftariff adjustments
tariff advantagestariff agreement
tariff categorytariff escalation
tariff headingtariff preferences
tariff protectiontariff quota list
tariff ranktariff rate of wage
tariff rate of wagestariff rebates
tariff scaletariff schedules
tariff systemtariff union
tariff wartariff zone
task ratetask setting
task worktask worker
tax abatementtax accruals
tax assessmenttax avoidance
tax basetax benefits
tax burdentax collection
tax concessionstax credit
tax credit certificatetax credit certificates
tax declarationtax deductable
tax deductionstax drawbacks
tax evasiontax excuse
tax exempttax free interest on foreign loans
tax immunitytax incentives
tax liabletax qualification
tax ratetax refund
tax remissionstax return
tax revenuetax stimulus programme
tax subsidytax value of property
tax-collectortax-haven arrangements
tax-holidaystaxable year
taxed articletaxing authority
technical advancetechnical adviser
technical assistancetechnical assistance activity
technical assistance component of the UNDP (United Nations Develtechnical assistants
technical determinantstechnical economys
technical know-howtechnical knowledge
technical outfittechnical services
technical skillstechnical specifications
technical stafftechniques of estimateing the size of a market
technological advancetechnological capabilitys
technological improvementstechnological infrastructure
technological unemploymenttechnology assessment
technology evaluationtechnology forecasting
technology intensive industrytechnology management
technology packagetechnology planning
technology-intensive branchstemperate zone
temporary admissiontemporary assistance for meetings
tenant farmertender invitation
tender pricetenement house
tentative comparisonterm of delivery
term of officeterm of payment
term of protection of a patentterminal expensess
terminal receiptterminal wage
terms of deliveryterms of financing
terms of officeterms of payment
terms of settlementterritorial-industrial complex
territoriality of patentstest of non-obviousness of an invention
the agedthe other shop
the rest of the worldthe right to terminate contract
the world totaltheoretical economics
theoretical economistthird window
thousand-plus sized firmsthree digit industries
three-dimensional diagramthreshold prices
thrift institutionsthrift propensity
thrifty usethrough bill of lading
ticket reservationtie-in clause
tie-in saletied aid
tied assistancetied credits
tied inputstied loan
tied-purchasing arrangementstied-up assets(s)s
tight budgettight monetary policy
tight moneytight rate
tillable landtimber carrier
timber landstime bill
time budgetstime deposit
time discounttime discounting
time flowstime lag
time limitation clausetime of recording
time ratetime series
time wagetime-bound programme
time-shared computertime-sharing system
timing for producing and marketing cropstiming of depreciation
timing, duration and amplitude of cyclesTIR carnet
to be biased by interestto draw on reserves
to report datato report statistics
token contributiontoken payment
token provisionstolerance limit
tool shop departmenttooling service
top executivestop management
top overhaultotal amount
total assets(s)stotal awards
total borrowingtotal budget
total capacityiestotal capital
total consumptiontotal demand
total drawingstotal energy
total established posts by locationtotal flows
total gross outputtotal inflow on current account
total labour forcetotal money provision
total net provisionstotal output
total performance of an economytotal product
total productivity of factorstotal quality control
total sumtract of land
tradable goodstrade agreement
trade and transport margintrade area
trade associationtrade balance
trade discounttrade dispute
trade estimatestrade figures
trade flowstrade intensity of a country
trade marktrade price
trade profittrade promotion office
trade restrictionstrade stock
trade surplustrade testing service
trade uniontrade year
trade-curbing practiciestrade-weighted
trade-weighted exchange ratetrading companys
trading housetrading in actuals
traffic capacitytrained labour
trained manpowertrained staff
training and production facilitystraining grant
transaction pricestransactions cash balances
transfer accountingtransfer credits between sections of the budget
transfer of personneltransfer of real resources
transfer paymentstransfer prices
transfer pricingtransfer sale
transfer valuationtransferable account
transferable depositstransformation coefficient
transient customerstransit storage
transitional adjustmenttransmission of cyclical impulses
transnational corporationtransnational merger
transport links and other communications infrastructuretransport order
transport outlaystransport rates
travel and transportation expensesstravel funds
travel granttravel of staff
travel on appointmenttreasure notes
treasury currencytreasury stocks
treatment of depreciationtreatment of economic activity
treatment of foreign investmenttreatment of rent
trend adjusted indextrend analysis
trial balancetrial calculation
trial-and error methodtrigger price
trough-to-trough cyclestruck shipments
trucking ordertrue value
trust fundturn-key contract
turn-key projectturning points of a cycle
turnkey contractturnover of inventory
turnover of staffturnover of staff deduction
turnover ratiotwo digit industries
two(three)-fold breakdowntwo-tiered economy
tying of development assistancetype of farms