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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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safe customersafe investment
safe land usesafeguard
safeguard clausesafeguard goods attached
safeguard local industries against outside competitionsafeguard measure
safeguard principlesafeguard provision
safetysafety arrangement
safety coefficientsafety engineering
safety factorsafety margin
safety specificationssalaried
salaried employeesalaried employees
salaried mansalaried managers
salaried officerssalaried servant
salaried staffsalaries accounting
salarysalary and wages of locally recruited staff
salary earnerssalary increments
salary levelsalary rates
salary scalesalary scales and allowances
salary scales andallowancessalary workers
salarys accountingsalarys of international staff
salesale branch
sale by commissionsale for cash
sale on creditsale on the job lot basis
sale pricesaleable
saleable articlessaleable obligations
saleex-factorysales account
sales agentsales cartel
sales contractsales cost
sales forcesales forecast
sales managersales outlets
sales pressuresales promotion
sales representativesales tax
sales valuesalvage
salvage valuesample
sample areasample census
sample coefficientsample data
sample designsample method
sample sizesample survey
sample unitsampling
sampling averagesampling error
sampling methodsampling ratio
sampling unitsatisfy
satisfy a claimsatisfy an agreement
satisfy an obligationsatisfy demand
saturation pointsave
save expendituressaving
saving accountsaving and loans association
saving banksaving bonds
saving clausesaving deposits
saving energysavings account
savings banksavings deposit
savings institutionsscale
scale downscale economy
scale economysscale effect
scale of assessmentsscale of assessments for the apportionment of the expenses of th
scale of assessments for the financial years...scale of charges
scale of investmentscale of living
scale of operationscale of wages
scale upscant
scant demandscant means
scant supplyscanty supply
scarcescarce goods
scarce inputsscarce raw materials
scarcityscarcity of money
scarcity of suppliesscarcity of supplys
scarcity pricescarcity value
scatterscattered consumer
scattered consumptionscenario
scheduleschedule items
schedule maintenanceschedule of post adjustments
schedule workscheduling
schemescheme of preferences
school yearscientific advances
scientific adviserscientific and technical achievements
scientific communityscientific management
scopescope for investment
scope of activityscope of an inquiry
screeningscreening procedure
screening proceduresSDR
SDR denominatedSDRs 3 million
sea-borne shippingsearch
search filesearch file of patents
search reportsearch report patents
seasonseason fluctuations
season indexseason trade
season unemploymentseason variation
seasonal analysisseasonal fluctuations
seasonal labourseasonal unemployment
seasonal variationsseasonal, cyclical and trend price movement
seasonally adjustedseasonally adjusted data
seasonly adjustedseat
seat of activityseat of business
seat of the companysecond
secondary activitysecondary Eurocurrency market
secondary liquiditysecondary market
secondary productionsecondary products
secondary strikesecondhand durabless
sector analysissectoral interests
sectoral investmentssectoral planning
sectorial rates of growthsectorial studys
secular movementsecular stagnation
securesecure an order
secure foreign currencysecure profits
secureed loanSecurities and exchange Commission SEC
securities holdingssecurities market
securitysecurity broker
security capitalsecurity interest
security of tenuresecurity portfolio
securitys analystsecuritys and Exchange Commission
securitys brokersecuritys holdings
securitys salessecuritys yield
seed capitalseed capital loans
self assessment tax systemself-
self- actingself- adjusting
self- balancingself- cancelling item
self- consumptionself- contained
self- correction of exchange rateself- cost price
self- employed farmersself- employed owners of business
self- employed professionalsself- financing enterprises
self- financing organizationsself- liquidating
self- managementself- reliance
self- returning depositsself- service
self- service storeself- sufficient
self- sufficient farmingself- sufficient nation
self- sufficient regionself- supporting population
self- supporting unitself- sustained growth
self-assessment tax systemself-canceling item
self-cancelling itemself-correction of exchange rates
self-cost priceself-costss
self-financing enterprisesself-financing organization
self-generating business cyclesself-help principle
self-liquidateing loanself-liquidateing purchases
self-liquidating loanself-liquidating purchases
self-made entrepreneurself-management
self-regulating equilibriumself-returning deposit
self-sufficient farmsself-supporting unit
self-sustained economyself-sustained growth
sellsell a bill of goods
sell at a cost pricesell at a discount
sell at a losssell at a premium
sell below costsell hard
sell readilysell retail
sell short for future deliveryseller
seller's marketsellers' market
sellers' pricesselling
selling an administrative expensessselling arrangements
selling cost priceselling costs
selling costs per unitselling outlays
selling priceselling rate
selling valuesemi-
semi- annualsemi- automatic drawing rights
semi- finished goodssemi- finished products
semi- manufactured goodssemi- products
semi- sensitive importssemi- skilled
semi-automatic drawing rightssemi-durable goods
semi-sensitive importsemi-sensitive list
semi-skilled laboursemiluxuries
semiskilled workerssenior
senior partnersenior stock
seniorityseniority pay
seniority rightssensitive
sensitive goodssensitive imports
sensitive listsensitivity
sensitivity analysissensitivity test
separationseparation pay
separation paymentsequestration
serialserial number
serial productionseries
service ability of productservice benefit
service chargesservice conditions
service dataservice department
service equipmentservice exports
service feesservice imports
service industryservice industrys
service instructionservice labour force
service lifeservice manual
service markservice pension
service shopservice speed
service staffservice station
serviceabilityserviceability of goods
serviceableserviceable life
serviceing staffservices of land
services pricesservices provided by improvements
services to visitorsservicetrades
servicingservicing facilities
servicing of debt principal and interestset
set -upset back
set of activitiesset of activitys
set of coefficientsset of preferences
set up an accountsets of data
settingsetting in motion
setting up new industrial capacitiessetting up of buffer stocks within the framework of commodity ar
settlesettle a claim
settle a debtsettle a difference
settle an accountsettle compensation by ...
settle compensation by lawsettle dispute
settlementsettlement account
settlement departmentsettlement house
settlement of a debtsettlement of an account
settlement pricesettlement rate
settlement termsSeven Sisters
severanceseverance compensation pay
severesevere competition
severe losssextile
shadowshadow capacityies
shadow pricesshady
shady dealshare
share capitalshare cropper
share holdershare holders meeting
share holders' interestshare in a business
share in the profitshare index
share marketshare of stock
share warrantshareholders interest
shares subscribed...sharing
sheetsheltered market
shiftshift boss
shift engineershift index
shift manshift master
shift taskshift work
shifting investment patternshifting of man power
shifts of commodity flowsship
ship of 1000 tons burdenshipment
shipping adviceshipping agency
shipping companyshipping conference
shipping costsshipping day
shipping documentsshipping instructions
shipping lineshipping lines
shipping ordershipping season
shipping tonshock work
shopshop around
shop chairmanshop committee
shop costshop manager
shop officeshop overhead
shop ping centershop ping hours
shop ping listshop price
shop stewardshop training
shop transportationshop work
short allowanceshort cut
short cut methodshort date
short handshort interest
short interest rateshort life
short loanshort run production
short tonshort-handed
short-run analysisshort-run cyclical swings
short-term (foreign) fundsshort-term and long-term capital movements
short-term appointmentshort-term assets(s)s
short-term creditshort-term debt
short-term deficitshort-term forecasting
short-term forecastsshort-term projection
short-term ratesshort-time employment
shortfallshortfall in wheat production
shortterm capital advances to the rest of the worldshot-term rates
sick leavesick list statistics
sick-listsick-list statistics
sicknesssickness benefit
sickness insuranceside-line
side-line-productionsight liabilities
simplesimple analytical developments
simple arbitrationsimple correlation
simple interestsimple quantity
simple regressionsimple reproduction
simple samplesimplex
simplex methodsimulation
simulation modelsimulator
singlesingle action
single controlsingle cost
single digit inflationsingle fare
single part productionsingle rate
single resource countriessingle sampling
single standardsingle system
single taxsingle unit enterprise
single-child plantssingle-entry book-keeping
single-payment loanssingle-plant firm
single-use goodssink
sink a debtsink in price
sink into povertysinking
sinking fundsite
situs problemsize distribution of enterprises
size distribution of firmssize of establishment
size of the economysize of the market
skew distributionskill
skill differentialskill formation
skill mix of the labour forceskill requirements
skill-intensive productsskilled
skilled labourskilled trade
skilled workerslack
slack capacityies useslack demand
slack economyslack period
slackenslackening in the rate of economic growth
slacknessslackness of business
sliding scalesliding scale prices
sliding scale tariffsliding-scale prices
slowslow assets
slow downslow down strike
slowing downslowness of business
sluice-gate priceslump
slump in demandslump in price
slump inflationsmall
small businesssmall demand
small entrepreneursmall grains
small industrysmall maintenance
small match productionsmall-scale industry
small-scale productionsmaller contributors
SmithsonianSmithsonian rate structure
Smithsonian realignmentsmuggle
social actionssocial assistance
social assistance grantssocial benefits
social consumptionsocial consumption funds
social contributionssocial cost
social differentiationsocial escalator
social facilityssocial funds for consumption
social hygienesocial insurance
social investmentsocial legislation
social mobilitysocial opportunity cost of labour
social opportunity valuesocial overhead capital
social owner-shipsocial property
social rankingsocial relations
social securitysocial security benefits
social security paymentssocial security system
social servicessocial set-up
social statisticssocial status
social time discountssocial wants
social wealthsocial welfare
social welfare measuressocial welfare policy
social-accounting methodssocialist
socialist communitysocialist economy
socialist emulationsocialist integration
socialist marketsocialist organisation
socialist planningsocialist relations
socialist way of lifesocialized
soft business conditionssoft credits
soft currencysoft demand
soft lendingsoft loan
soft moneysoft technology
soft termssoft window
soft-waresoft-ware cost
sole agencysole corporation
sole licencesole license
sole ownersole proprietorship
sole representativesole right
sound budget proceduresound investments
soundness of a loansource of supply
sources and uses of fundssources of data
space heatingspace location
space planningspan of mortgage
sparespare capacityies
spare capitalspare no expense
spare partsspare the time
spatial distribution of economic activityspatial flows of commodities and population
spatial juxtaposition economysspatial location
spatial planningspatial relations
spatial spreadspatial unit
specialSpecial drawing rights
special dutyspecial facility to extend credits and subsidize interest charge
special financial appropriationspecial planning
special purpose programmespecial temporary assistance credit
special transit duesspecialisation
specialisation in productionspecialist managers
speciality cropsspecialized agencys
specialized cropsspecie
specie paymentspecie point
specificspecific capacity
specific lossspecific output
specific weightspecification
specification limitspecification of quality
specifications performancespecified farm expenditures
speculative gainsspeculative production
speedspeed up
speed-up systemspend
spendingspending pattern
spending unitspendt time
spin-off firmspiralling costss
spiralling pricespirit of enterprise
sponsorspouse allowance
spreading out of investment projectssquare root mean
stabilizationstabilization fund
stable consumer wantsstaff
staff departmentstaff manager
staff of the Secretariatstaff reduction
staff requirementsstaffing
staffing requirementsstage of expansion
stages of economic growthstagflation
stagnant economystagnation
stagnation of businessstagnation of economy
stampstamp paper
stamp taxstand-by
stand-by arrangementstand-by arrangements
stand-by chargesstand-by credit
stand-by equipmentstand-steel provision
stand-still clausestand-still principle
standardstandard accounting practices
standard accountsstandard apportionment technique
standard articlesstandard contract
standard coststandard costing practice
standard costssstandard error
standard foodsstandard International Trade Classification
Standard International Trade classification (SITC)Standard international Trade Classification SITC
standard measurestandard methods
standard necessaries of lifestandard necessities of life
standard of livingstandard of price
standard of well-beingstandard output
standard practicestandard procedure
standard residential populationstandard stock
standard timestandardize
standardized budget of production and earningsstandardized coefficient rate
standardized commodity(ies)standardized consumption pattern
standardized system of national accountsstandards of accommodation for official travel of UN staff by ai
standards of consumptionstandards of guidance
standards of managementstandards of planning
standards of safety in the transportation of goodsstandby capacityies
standby creditstanding
standing bodystanding committee
standing invitationstanding order
standing pricestanding time
standstillstandstill clause
standstill principlestandstill provision
staplestaple crops
staple dietstaple exports
staple foodstaple prices
startstart up
startingstarting expenses
starting periodstarting price
starting ratestarting wage
statestate enterprise
state farmsstate monetary and fiscal measures
state of the artstate of the market
state procurementstate-owned enterprises
statedstated dividends
stated office hoursstated salary
statementstatement analysis
statement of accountstatement of charges
statement of costsstatement of equipment
statement of financial implicationsstatement of requirements
statement of requirements by department and officestatic circular flow model
static modelstatistical
statistical abstractstatistical agency
statistical analysisstatistical appraisal
statistical authoritiesstatistical compilations
statistical discrepancysstatistical economist
statistical facilitiesstatistical facility
statistical frameworkstatistical handbook
statistical knowledgestatistical measures
statistical populationstatistical predicate
statistical probabilitystatistical problem
statistical processingstatistical sampling
statistical seriesstatistical survey
statistical treatmentstatistical un- certainty
statistical uncertaintystatistical unit
statistical weightstatistics
statusstatus goods
status of the accountstatute
statute of associationstatute of limination
statute rollstatute-roll
statutorystatutory depreciation charges
statutory lawstatutory obligations
statutory requirementssteady development
sterilization of preferencessterling area
stockstock accounting
stock billstock broker
stock companystock exchange
stock holderstock in treasury
stock insurance companystock investment
stock issuestock level
stock marketstock market performance
stock modelstock movements
stock of capitalstock of capital goods
stock of moneystock of orders
stock of un- finished investment undertakingsstock of unfinished investment undertakings
stock optionstock piling
stock pricestock promotion
stock recordstock remainder
stock status reportstock subscription right
stock turnoverstock-holder's equity
stock-intake ratiostock-taking
stocking arrangementsstocks of assets(s)s
stocks of inputstocks of inputs
stocks of outputsstop
stop deliverystop-gap credit
stoppagestorable commodity(ies)
storagestorage capacity
storage chargesstorage costs
storage facilitiesstorage facilitys
storage feestorage goods
storage on handstorage service of enterprise
storage transportstore
store housestore keeper
store of valuestore room
store unitstored accumulated error
stored errorstores requisition
straightstraight bill of lading
straight linestraight line depreciation
straight loanstraight piece rate
straight piece wagestraight-line method of depreciation
straight-time ratestraining of capacityies
strainsstratified sampling
structural adjustmentstructural changes
structural comparisonstructural concentration
structural designerstructural engineering
structural industriesstructural industrys
structural sectorsstructural transformation
structural unemploymentstructure
submission of returnssubrogation of rights
subscriptionsubscription of stock
subsets of accountssubsidiary
subsidiary companysubsidiary earnings
subsidiary farmingsubsidiary individual holdings
subsidiary industrysubsidiary ledger
subsidiary legal entitysubsidiary money
subsidiary plantssubsidiary production
subsidiary shopsubsidise
subsidized exportssubsidy
subsidy accountsubsidy for interest on borrowed funds
subsistencesubsistence agriculture
subsistence allowancesubsistence consumption
subsistence economysubsistence farmer
subsistence farmingsubsistence farms
subsistence levelsubsistence minimum wage
subsistence outputsubsistence production
substandardsubstantive staff
substitutesubstitute goods
substituted datasubstitution
substitution accountsubstitution effect
substitution of foreign goods for domesticsubstitution rate
substitutions among inputssufficient disclosure
sufficient disclosure of inventionsum
summarysummary book-keeping
summary datasummary standards
summary tablesummary-standards
sunk costsssuperannuate
superannuationsuperannuation fund
superannuation pensionsuperintend
supervisory boardsupervisory control
supervisory trainingsupplement
supplier of technologysupplies of the capital
supplysupply a demand
supply a needsupply a want
supply agenciessupply agreement
supply and disappearance of grainsupply and disappearance of...
supply and disposition of goods and servicessupply bottleneck
supply constraintsupply constraints
supply curvesupply depot
supply fixity of landsupply function
supply of moneysupply price
supply statisticssupply-demand situation
supply-side assumptionsupply-side economics
support of pricesupport price
supported by charitysupported price
supported ratesupporting data
supreme economic authoritysurcharge
surplussurplus account
surplus capacityiessurplus commodities
surplus countriessurplus earnings
surplus economysurplus fund
surplus fundssurplus labour
surplus on current transactionsurplus on current transactions
surplus populationsurplus produce
surplus profitsurplus value
surrender the balance of appropriationssurtax
surveysurvey design
survey of current businesssurveyor
surveys of the salary ratessurvivor benefit
survivors pensionsuspend
suspend an accountsuspension
suspension of businesssuspension of convertibility
suspension of the gold standardsustain
sustain a losssustain able
sustain employmentsustain growth
sustained benefitssustained expansion
sustained growthsustained growth of the world economy
swapswap credits
sweat-shopsweated labour
swingswing credit
swing the marketswitch
switch dealerswitch over
switchings of jobssyndicate
syndicate a loansyndicated loan
synoptic tablessynthetic accounting
systemsystem designer
system of adjustments to benefits in paymentsystem of economic equilibrium
System of national AccountsSystem of National accounts (SNA)
system of notationsystem of private enterprise
System of Social Demographic statisticssystem of Social-Demographic Statistics
system specific technologysystem-to-system comparison
systematicsystematic error
systems approachsystems designer