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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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racketeerradio service
railrail consignement note
rail consignment noterail shipments
railways freight trafficraise
raise a claimraise a loan
raise charityraise funds
raise moneyraise money on something
raise takesraise taxes
raise to a powerrally
randomrandom distribution
random errorrandom experiment
random numbersrandom sample
random samplingrandom sampling error
random valuerandom variable
rangerange of deviation
range of errorrange of patterns
range of stabilityrange of variation
range of yield fluctuationsrank
ranked dataranking
raterate at the close of the day
rate cuttingrate discrimination
rate of accumulationrate of capacityies utilization
rate of capital formationrate of change
rate of consumptionrate of delivery
rate of delivery of a programrate of depreciation
rate of discountrate of discounting
rate of dividend on sharesrate of effective protection
rate of exchangerate of growth
rate of interestrate of investment
rate of issuerate of loading
rate of payrate of profit
rate of protectionrate of replacement
rate of returnrate of return on assets(s)s
rate of return on stock-holders equityrate of salary
rate of savingrate of tariff
rate of turnoverrate of turnover of inventory
rate of unemploymentrate scale
rate settingrate slashing
rate warrate-slashing
ratedrated capacity
rated powerrated value
rates of assessmentrates of charges
rates of investmentrates of wages
ratio of capital replacementratio of capital to labour
ratio of capital to outputratio of corporate liquidity
ratio of current assets to current liabilitiesratio of fixed assets to net worth
ratio of labour to outputratio of margin to sales
ratio of net profits to net worthratio of plant to net worth
ratio of profit to salesratio of reserves to liabilities
rational userationing
rationing arrangementsratios of capital costss
rawraw cotton
raw dataraw materials
raw produceraw products
raw riceraw sugar
reach ceilingreading
readyready cash
ready madeready money
realreal accumulation
real assets(s)sreal balance
real estatereal estate bank
real estate loanreal estate mortgage
real estate taxreal estate trusts
real goodsreal income movement of remuneration
real investmentreal property
real resourcesreal retail sale
real retail salesreal saving
real-estate marketreal-time computer
realignmentrealistic plan
realizationrealization of goods
receipientreceipient country
receipient of technologyreceipt
receipt bookreceipts
receipts and expensesreceipts from and payments on investment
receipts from custom duties taxes and other protective measuresreceipts of factors of production
receipts taxreceiptss and expenses
receiptss from custom duties taxes and other protective measuresreceiptss of factors of production
receiptss taxreceivable
receivable-payable basis of accountingreceivables
receive goods into custodyreceiver
receiver of technologyreceiving
receiving actreceiving state
recessionrecession in demand
recessionaryrecessionary tendencies
recipient countriesreciprocal
reciprocal clausereciprocal concessions
reciprocal contractreciprocal credit lines
reciprocal principlereciprocal privileges
reciprocal provisionreciprocal trade agreement
reciprocal valuereclaim
reclaim capital goodsreclaim land
reclamationreclamation of barren
reclamation of barren landreclamation of land
reclassifications of postsrecompense
reconcilereconcile accounts
reconcile classificationsreconcile total inflow and total outflow
reconciliationreconciliation of totals
recorded datarecorded output
recorded unemploymentrecords management
recoverrecover damages
recover debtsrecovery
recovery of damagesrecovery phase in the cycle
recreation servicesrecreational facility
recurrentrecurrent expenses
recurringrecurring costs
recurring costssrecurring debt
recycling crisisrecycling of oil revenues
recycling of petrodollarsrecycling of wastes
recycling of wastsred
red inkred meat consumption
redeemredeem a debt
redeem the currency in goldredemption
redemption dateredemption of debt
redemption priceredemption value
redeployment of staffreduced price
reducing balancereducing balance depreciation
reduction coefficientreduction in staff
redundant equipmentrefered liabilities
referencereference book
reference cyclereference data
reference datereference language
reference performancereference period
reference posted pricereference price
reference providing information systemreference retrieval
reference standardreference year
reference-providing information systemrefinance
refinancingrefinancing of past debts
reflationary measuresreflationary policy
refugee capitalrefund
refund departmentrefund the excess amounts paid
refunding issues of securitiesrefunding issues of securitys
refuse any creditsregional and subregional advisory services
regional duty equalizationregional interests
regional patternregional premium rate
regional premium ratesregister
register of propertiesregister of propertys
register of shareholdersregister office
register tonregistered (authorized) capital
registered capitalregistered mail
registered securitysregistered trade mark
registered unemploymentregistration
registration feeregistration fee of a patent
registration is required at establishmentregistry
regressionregression analysis
regression by semilogarithmic trendsregression equation
regressiveregressive levys
regressive taxregular budget assessments
regular establishmentregular labour
regular labourerregular lending programmes
regulationregulatory agencys
reimbursement of expensesreimbursement of national income taxation
reimbursement of overhead costsreinvest
reinvestmentreinvestment allowance
reinvestment allowancesreinvestment of profits
rejectreject a bid
reject a claimreject goods
rejected goodsrejection
relativerelative amount of costs
relative costsrelative efficiency
relative errorrelative indicators
relative pricesrelative share
releasable debtreliability
reliability of estimatesreliability of statistical data
reliable datareliable figures
reliefrelief cat
relief from finerelief fund
relief worksrelieve
remainremain flat
remain on handremainder
remaining life of equipmentremission
remission of a claimremission of taxes
remittanceremittance of royalties
remittance of royaltyremittance schedule
remittance sheduleremittances for payments of profit of private foreign investment
remote controlremove an attachment
remuneration assetsremuneration for over-time and for work on Sundays and public ho
remuneration of collective farm membersremuneration of labour
remunerativeremunerative business
remunerative priceremunerative work
render an account againstrenegotiation of debt
renewalrenewal fee of a patent
renewal schemesrent
rent controlrent strike
rental agencyrental rate
rental ratesrental value
rental value of owner-occupied dwellingsrented farm
rented landrenter
rentierreopen exchange market
reorganized budget statementsrepair
repair a damagerepair a loss
repair and maintenancerepair bill
repair depotrepair parts
repair shoprepairing shop
reparationreparation of loss
repatriaterepatriate dividends
repatriate profitrepatriated bond
repatriated bondsrepatriation
repatriation of capitalrepatriation of foreign investment
repatriation of profitrepatriation of profits
repatriation rightsrepay
repayment in kindrepayment in product
repayment of debtrepeal
repeal of a patentrepeated unemployment
replacementreplacement cost method of depreciation
replacement cost of capitalreplacement cost of equipment
replacement costsreplacement cycles
replacement fundsreplacement investment
replacement of capital itemsreplacement of losses
replacement partsreplacement reserve
replenishreplenish the stock
replenishmentreplenishment of stock
reportreport of the board
report on budgetary situationreport on the account
reported datareporting
reporting formreporting period
reporting systemreporting unit
reporting yearrepossess
representative datarepresentative sample
reproducereproducible assets(s)s
reproduction costss of in-session documentationreproduction process
reproduction raterepudiation
repudiation of a contractrepudiation of a debt
requestrequest for payment
request for respiterequirement
requirements of the marketrequisite
requisite capitalrequisition
resaleresale price
researchresearch and development (R & D)
research grantresearch project
research-intensive productsreservation
reservation of a rightreservation of profits
reservereserve allocations
reserve balancereserve balances
reserve capacityreserve capacityies
reserve capitalreserve currency
reserve for bad debtreserve for debt redemption
reserve for depreciationreserve for doubtful accounts
reserve for extensionsreserve fund
reserve fund investmentsreserve funds
reserve holdingsreserve positions in IMF
reserve pricereserve ratio
reserve stocksreserve title to the goods in the seller
reserves for taxesresidence
residentresident abroad
resident alienresident company
resident populationresidential
residential buildingresidential construction
residential landresidential quarters
residential rentalresidual demand
resourceresource allocation
resource developmentresource endowment
resource industryresource poor country
resource use patternsresources derived from the sea
resources endowrespite
respite daysrespondent
rest ofrest of the world account
rest of the world commodity accountrestitution
restrictive business practicesrestrictive clause
restrictive conditionrestrictive exemption clause
restrictive marketing arrangementsrestrictive monetary policy
restrictive trade practicesrestructure
restructuringresulting flows
resulting salary scalesretail
retail businessretail charges
retail goodsretail margin
retail marketretail price
retail saleretail sales
retail storeretail trade
retail trade systemretail trade turnover
retailingretailing charges
retailing costss per unit of salesretailor
retainretained earnings
retained importretained net profit
retainerretaining fee
retireretire a bill
retirementretirement allowance
retirement benefitretirement of assets
retirement of assets(s)sretirement of bonds
retirement of securitiesretirement of securitys
retirement payretirement pension
retrainingretraining grants
retraining of workersretrenchment
retrospective balancereturn
return cargoreturn fare
return on equitiesreturn on equitys
return to the factorreturns to factors of production
revaluationrevaluation of assets(s)
revaluerevalue of assets
revenuerevenue account
revenue bondsrevenue curve
revenue dutyrevenue officer
revenue stamprevenue tariff
reversereverse engineering
reverse preferencesreverse transfer of technology
reversionreversion of rights
reversion of rights to...revised scales of salaries
revocationrevocation of a licence
revocation of a licenserevocation of a patent
revocation of investment permitsrevolving
revolving capitalrevolving credit
revolving fundreward
rice, rough basisright
right the balance of paymentrights under guarantee
rigidity in pricesrising (falling) business activity
riskrisk capital
risk managerrisks of investment
rivalrival firm
rival supplyroll
roll over a debtrolling adjustment
rolling capitalrolling over of a debt
rolling planrolling stock
roughrough balance
rough designrough estimate
rough shapingrough work
roughly comparablerounding error
rounding of dataroutine
routine dutyroutine maintenance
routine managementroutine of work
routine orderroutine practice
routine workroyalty
ruleruleing price
rules of originruling price
runrun a business
run businessrun idle
run of itemsrun of the market
run on a bankrun on coffee
run on costsrun on rubber
run-on-costssrunaway corporations
runaway inflationrunning
running accountrunning expenses
running expensessrunning inventory
running maintenancerunning practice
running repairsrural electric cooperative (co-op)
rural populationrural-urban movement
rush season