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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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pace of economic recoverypackage
package contractpackage deal
package inputpackage licensing
package technologypackage trip
packaged goodspackaged transfer
packaged transfer of technologypackageing (industry)
packageing of foreign technologypacket deal
packingpacking house
packing instructionspacking plant
paidpaid farm labourer
paid leavepaid up capital
paid vacationpaid vocation
palletpalletd goods
paper circulationpaper currency
paper profitpaper standard
parpar collection of bank checks
par of exchangepar value
par value ratespar-value system
parentparent application for a patent
parent bankparent company
parent firmparity
parity indexparity prices
parity ratepart
part and parcelpart payment
part performancepart time
part time farmerpart time workers
part-ownerpart-owner farmer
part-time directorpart-time employment
part-time farmerpart-time workers
partial disabilitypartial turnkey contract
participationparticipation of labour in government
participation ratio in the labour forcepartner
partnershippartnership agreement
partyparty at fault
party not at faultpass
pass rising costs to the consumerpassage of goods
passivepassive balance
past due billspast labour
past sunk costsspatent
patent agreementpatent annuity
patent applicationpatent bank
patent controlpatent cross-licensing
patent documentpatent family
patent feepatent holder
patent lawpatent license
patent license conventionpatent life
patent mis- use doctrinepatent misuse doctrine
patent of confirmationpatent of importation
patent of inventionpatent of revalidation
patent officepatent pool
patent protectionpatent register
patent rightspatent-holder
patentabilitypatented technology
patrimonial estatepatrimony
patrimony nationalpattern
pattern of consumptionpattern of crops
pattern of demandpattern of distribution
pattern of marketspattern of trade
pattern of voting rights in IMFpattern recognition
patterns for seasonal variationspatterns of financial relation ships
pawnpawn broker
pawn shoppay
pay allowancepay back
pay back periodpay by installments
pay by instalmentpay by the day
pay by the piecepay by the week of labour
pay daypay in cash
pay in fullpay in kind
pay listpay load
pay masterpay off
pay officepay-off period
payable contributionspayable in advance
payable in arrearpayback period
paying capacitypaying concern
paying offpayment
payment advicepayment advise
payment agreementpayment buy in installments
payment by resultpayment by the piece
payment forwardpayment in anticipation
payment in cashpayment in full
payment of language bonuspayment of travel
payment operationspayment should be made on ... failing of which ...
payment towards local operating costspayment transactions
payments and collectionspayments equilibrium
payments pattern on contributions to the regular budgetpayments position of a country
payments problemspayments to other members of the Secretariat for official hospit
payrollpayroll flows
payroll periodpayroll sheet
payroll taxpayroll transactions
peakpeak cycle
peak loadpeak of a cycle
peak outputpeak performance
peak-to peak cyclespecuniary
pecuniary accumulationpecuniary accumulations
pecuniary affairspecuniary capital
pecuniary compensationpecuniary institutions
pecuniary losspecuniary nature of capital
pecuniary paymentpeddler
pegpeg exchange rate
peg exchange rates to ...peg the market
pegged exchange ratespegged price
penaltypenalty clause
penalty or discounts for failing to meet contract provisionspending receipt of contributions assessed and voluntary
penetratepenetrate the market
penetrationpenetration price
penetration pricingpension
pension fundpension fund investment is managed by the union
pension-able salarypension-able scale
pensionable remunerationpensionable salary
pensionable scalesper
per annumper capita
per capita consumptionper capita estimates
per capita personal consumptionper capital ceiling principle
per dayper diem expenses
per diem expensessper head
per hour outputper mile
per-annum earningspercentage
percentage allocationpercentage contribution of a state
percentage pointspercental
perfect competitionperfect elasticity
perfect elasticity of substitutionperfect market
perfect substitutesperformance
performance balanceperformance efficiency
performance measurement systemperformance of a contract
performance of investmentperformance of the economy
performance per dayperformance rate
performance ratingperformance standard
performance testperformance testing
period contractperiod of average duration
period of dutyperiod of grace
period of priority of patentsperiodic benefits in payment
perishableperishable freight
perishable goodsperishable traffic
perishiblespermanent appointment
permissible land densityspermit
perpetualperpetual annuities
perpetual annuitysperpetual inventory
perpetual inventory systemperpetual liabilities
personalpersonal account
personal allowancepersonal and repair services
personal assets(s)spersonal consumption
personal consumption fundpersonal finance companies
personal finance companypersonal income tax
personal incomespersonal loan
personal managerpersonal property
personal referencepersonal saving
personal savingspersonal tax
personnelpersonnel administration
personnel arrangementspersonnel audit
personnel inventorypersonnel management
personnel managerpersonnel men
personnel organizationpersons of professional occupations
persons on payrollpertinent data
petroleum based feedstockpetroleum proceeds
petroleum refinerypetty cash
phasephase in development
phase of cycle contractionphase of cycle expansion
phase of recovery in the cyclephase-out
phasing-inPhillips curve
physicalphysical assets(s)s
physical capitalphysical capital goods
physical costsphysical data
physical depreciationphysical efficiency
physical exportsphysical facilities
physical gold stockphysical imports
physical inventoryphysical life
physical measuresphysical output
physical personpicketing
piecepiece goods
piece of equipmentpiece of gold
piece of moneypiece of silver
piece of workpiece rate
piece rate systempiece wage
piece workpiece worker
piece-meal distributionpiece-of
piecework earningspig crop
pilotpilot area
pilot lotpilot plant
pilot projectpilot survey
pioneerpioneer activities
pioneer statuspioneer statute
place a loanplace an issue
place an orderplace business
place of deliveryplace of payment
place of residenceplace something in safe custody
place valuables in safe custodyplacement
placement firmplacement of funds
placement of securitiesplacement of securitys
placement serviceplacing
planplan balance
plan fulfilmentplan revision
plannedplanned capacity
planned costsplanned damages
planned economyplanned figures
planned maintenanceplanned obsolescence
planned performancesplanned price
planned protectionplanned return
planned valueplanning
planning agenciesplanning ahead
planning and design organizationsplanning estimates
planning officesplanning output
planning periodplanning standards
planning systemplanning-programming-budgeting system
plantplant and equipment
plant capacityplant content
plant content of fertilizersplant cost
plant locationplant management
plant managerplant overhead
plant overhead costssplant protection
plant replacementplant stock
plant superintendentplant transportation
planted acreagepledge
pledge Conferencepledge liabilities
pledged contributionspledged securitys
pledgeed contributionspledgeed securities
pledgeing targetplentiful jobs
plowplow back
plowing backpluralism
pluralityplurality of professions
pointpoint of delivery
point of destinationpolicy
policy makerspolicy measures
policy of economypolicy-making authorities
policy-making organspolicy-mix
pollpoll tax
pollution abatementpool
pool of foreign exchangepooling of resources
poorpoor efficiency
poor harvestpoor housing
poor landpoor management
poor performancepoor supply
population activitiespopulation changes
population flowpopulation machine
population mobilitypopulation of analysis
population of business concernspopulation of machines
population on welfarepopulation pressure
population programmespopulation projections
population statisticpopulation statistics
population surveypopulation training center
portport charges
port facilitiesport facilitys
port handlingport of call
port receiptport receipts
portfolioportfolio debt
portfolio investmentportfolio manager
positionpositive value
positively associated with ...possess
post adjustmentpost adjustment payments
post adjustment schedulepost adjustment system
post adjustmentspost expiration effects of a patent
post planpost-closing trial balance
post-expiration effects of a patentpostal services
posted priceposts subject to geographical distribution
pot of loadingpotential
potential buyerpotential contributor
potential demandpotential earnings
potential goodspotential market
powerpower available
power capacityiespower consumption
power equipmentpower factor
power generateing capacitypower generation
power gridpower industrys
power of attorneypower of work
power operatedpower plant
power supply servicepower unit
power-weight ratioPPB
PRPR man
practical know-how of modern industrypractice
pre-pre-fabricated houses (buildings)
pre-investment activitiespre-paid expense
pre-paymentpredictive model
prefabricated buildingpreference
preference debenturespreference list
preference marginpreference scale
preference schemespreference shares
preference stockspreference treatment
preferentialpreferential bond
preferential claimpreferential debentures
preferential dutiespreferential list
preferential margin of a dutypreferential margin of duty
preferential marginspreferential rate
preferential scale of assessmentspreferential schemes
preferential sharespreferential stocks
preferential trade arrangementspreferential transportation
preferential treatmentprefinished products
preinvestment studypreliminary data
preliminary examination of patentspremises
premiumpremium collection
premium on ratespremium on specie
premium ratepremium system
prepackageprepackaged goods
prepaid expensessprescribe expenditure
present goodspresent level of desaggregation
present the accountspressing
pressing in needpressing order
pressing paymentspressure
pressure for moneypressure of taxation
pressure on the marketprestanombres
prevailingprevailing price
prevailing ratesprevailing rates of exchange
prevailing rates of wagesprevailing wage rates
preventionprevention of accidents
preventivepreventive maintenance
preventive maintenance overhaulpreventive officer
preventive repairprice
price abatementprice adjustments
price behaviorprice behaviour
price c. i. f. New York quotationprice c.i.f. New-York quotation
price cartelprice ceiling
price changesprice competition
price controlprice current
price cuttingprice deflator
price deflatorsprice deflators of output
price determinationprice differentials
price discriminationprice elasticity
price elasticity of demandprice equilibrium
price ex dockprice ex quay
price ex shipprice ex warehouse
price ex worksprice ex-quay
price fixingprice fluctuation
price formationprice free on rail
price in dollarsprice index
price index seriesprice leader
price leadershipprice leading
price listprice maintenance
price makerprice movement
price of labourprice oneself out of the market
price per unitprice plateau
price preference listprice range
price ringprice scissors
price setterprice slashing
price spreadprice stabilization
price supportprice system
price tagprice underpinning
price variationprice war
prices for transportprices of factors of production
pricingpricing policy
primaryprimary accounting
primary activityprimary commodities
primary commodity(ies)sprimary deposits
primary energy marketprimary exporting countries
primary goodsprimary incomes
primary inputsprimary liability
primary marketprimary metals
primary mineral productprimary money
primary moversprimary need
primary needsprimary power
primary processingprimary producer
primary producersprimary producing countries
primary productionprimary recording
primary resourcesprimary unit of classification
primeprime cost
prime costsprime factor
prime goodsprime military contract award
prime moversprime movers in economic development
prime rateprime rates
primitive accumulationprimitive economy
principalprincipal and interest
principal controllerprincipal earner
principal level of the General Service categoryprincipal of bulking
principal officeprincipal place of business
principal sumprincipal works
principals of the contractprinciple
principle and interestprinciple of comparative advantage
principle of least workprinciple of material incentive
principle of national treatmentprinciple of relief for low per capita income countries
principle place of businessprinciples of non-reciprocity and preferential treatment
priorprior claim
prior depositprior state of art
prior use of a patentpriority
priority datepriority development
priority incentivespriority list
priority period of a patentpriority period of ~ of patents
priority ratingpriority right
priority sectorspriority share
privateprivate (close) company
private (personal) consumptionprivate accounting
private acquisitionprivate back-log of demand
private backlog demandprivate commercial and financial account
private concernprivate consumption
private debtprivate demand
private domestic investmentprivate donations
private enterpriseprivate enterprise economy
private houseprivate household
private industryprivate interests
private investmentprivate investments
private necessitiesprivate non-profit bodies
private non-profit institution sectorprivate pension payment
private pension paymentsprivate property
private remittancesprivate saving
private savingsprivate sector
private sector of the economyprivilege
privilege priceprivileged share
pro memoria itemspro rata
pro rata share of the assessed contributionspro-rate
probabilityprobability sampling
probability theoryprobation
probation periodprobation rate
probationary appointmentprobationary rate
problemproblem of comparability
problem of motivesprocedure
procedure for paymentprocedure for payments
procedures of tax administrationproceeding
proceedsproceeds from loans
proceeds from the dissolution of a companyprocess
process costsprocess engineer
process engineeringprocess industries
process patentprocess technology
process timeprocessed goods
processed informationprocessing
processing costs differentialsprocessing firms
processing methodprocessing of buy-products
processing sectorsprocessing stage
processing taxprocessor
procurement agencyprocurement of import requirements
produceproduce exchange
produce marketproducer
producer and consumer industrysproducer prices
producer's durable equipmentproducer's goods
producer's goods industriesproducers associations
producers cooperative (co-op)producers' association
producers' co-operative organizationproducers' demand
producers' goodsproducers' prices
producers' valueproduct
product accountproduct adaptation
product coverageproduct cycle model
product developmentproduct differentiation
product diversificationproduct flows
product liability awardproduct lines
product managementproduct markets
product mixproduct or income yielding activitys
product patentproduct standards
productionproduction accounts (for individual industries)
production activityproduction at full capacity
production balanceproduction bonus
production capabilitysproduction capacity
production cartelproduction costs
production creditproduction cycle
production departmentproduction design
production engineerproduction engineering
production expensesproduction function
production indexproduction line
production loadproduction objective
production of goodsproduction on the line
production outlaysproduction process
production quotasproduction rate
production schedulesproduction services
production spaceproduction specifications
production stageproduction standard
production stocksproduction target
production testproduction unit
production workersproductive
productive efficiencyproductive equipment
productive facilitysproductive forces
productive servicesproductivity
productivity measurementproductivity measures
productivity wageprofession
professionalprofessional accountant
professional and scientific equipment (industry)professional association
professional associationsprofessional classes
professional dutiesprofessional employee
professional managersprofessional selection
professional skillprofessional-man director
profitprofit accumulation
profit after taxprofit and loss account
profit and loss statementprofit expectations
profit marginprofit maximization
profit maximizing priceprofit motives
profit on proprietorshipprofit on sales
profit opportunityprofit opportunitys
profit ratioprofit sharing
profit takingprofit tax
profit-and-loss statementprofitable
profitable investmentprofiteer
program budgetprogram budgeting
program of anti-cyclical public worksprogrammatic
programmatic requirementprogramme
programme of eventsprogrammer
programmingprogramming period
programming techniqueprogress
progress paymentsprogress report
progressiveprogressive average
progressive divestmentprogressive tax
progressive tax penalizationprogressive taxation
progressive wagesprohibited
prohibited dutyprohibited imports
prohibitive priceprohibitive tariffs
prohibitive trade restrictionsproject
project financingproject specification
project specificationsprojected export
projected importprojected income
projected national productprojection
projection by extrapolationprojection model
projection of historical trendsprojection, planning and budgeting system (PPB)
prolongationpromissory note
promotionpromotion expenses
promotion moneypromotion of investment
propprop up
propensitypropensity to consume
propensity to investpropensity to save
propensity to spendproper land use
propertyproperty acquisition tax
property and enterpreneural incomeproperty and entrepreneurial income
property developmentproperty holdings
property managementproperty qualification
property servicesproperty tax
proprietaryproprietary class
proprietary goodsproprietary hospital
proprietary interestproprietary process technology
proprietorproprietors and firm members
prosperityprotected advantages
protectionprotection and reconstition of natural resources
protective effectprotective import barriers
protective legislation for minorsproved mineral reserves
provideprovide estimates for the following requirements
provident fundprovident society
provisionalprovisional data
provisional jobprovisional posts
provisions drawbackprovisions for depreciation
provisions under sections ...proxy
proxy indexpublic
public accommodationspublic accountability
public administrationpublic administrators
public assistantspublic bonds
public companypublic consumption
public consumption sectorpublic corporations
public credit organizationspublic debt
public demandpublic domain
public employmentpublic enterprise
public expenditurepublic facilities
public financepublic funds
public healthpublic houses
public housingpublic investment
public revenuepublic revenues
public salepublic sector
public sector of the economypublic servant
public servicespublic stock
public storepublic subsidy
public transfer of technologypublic utilities
public utility enterprisespublic warehouse
public welfare expenditurespublic work
public workspublicity and education measures
publicly held companypublishing house
purchase contractspurchase money
purchase optionpurchase order
purchase taxpurchased inputs
purchased powerpurchasedepartment
purchaserpurchaser of technology
purchasers' valuepurchases of goods and services
purchases on current and capital accountpurchasing
purchasing agentpurchasing budget
purchasing cooperative (co-op)purchasing licensee
purchasing optionpurchasing power
purchasing power of moneypurchasing prices
purchasing-power paritiespurchasing-power paritys
pure competitionpure economics
pure licence contractpure license contract
put a person to expensessput under a ban
put up in balesput-up construction
put-up demand