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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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objectiveobjective factor
objective functionobligate
observed dataobsolescence
obsolescence of capitalobsolescent
obsoleteobsolete equipment
occupational breakdown by industryoccupational classification
occupational dataoccupational disease
occupational familiesoccupational level
occupational mobilityoccupational mortality
occupational mortality indicesoccupational rate
occupational safetyoccupational safety and health regulation
occupational structureoccupations wage
oceanocean born shipping
ocean economyocean-borne shipping
odd come-shortodd work
of 1950 mintof the bond issue
off seasonoff-
off-dayoff-farm income
off-farm paid workoff-grade
off-hours joboff-line equipment
off-shoreoff-shore dollars
off-shore drillingoff-shore industries
off-shore oiloff-shore oil deposits
off-shore oil drillingoff-shore pipeline
off-shore rigoff-shore strip
off-shore welloff-take capacity
offer of appointmentoffered price
officeoffice accommodation
office accommodationsoffice and management personnel
office automationoffice building
office equipmentoffice expenses
office facilitiesoffice holder
office hoursoffice internal regulations
office keeperoffice machines
office manoffice manager
office numberoffice regulations
office workofficial
official dataofficial Development Assistance
official development assistance (ODA)Official Development Assistance lending
official exchange rateofficial quotation
official rate of payofficial settlement balance
official trade policyofficial valuation
official valueoffset
offset to deficitoil
oil and gas conservationoil area
oil basisoil carrier
oil conservationoil countries
oil deliveryoil deposits
oil embargooil field
oil in bulkoil money
oil net exportersoil net importers
oil rightsoil strike
oil supplyoil tanker
oil-consuming nationsoil-field development
oldold age and survivors' insurance
old age pensionold hand
old-established firmold-timer
on a competitive basison a cost sharing basis
on a costsharing basison a par
on a par withon a pilot basis
on a self-sustained budgeton average
on board bill of ladingon bonus
on callon cost
on demandon duty
on favourable termson gross basis
on most favoured nation termon net basis
on offeron payment
on payroll accounton product-to-~ basis
on recordon sale
on shifton site
on somebody's (your) own accounton straight business terms
on the houseon the job training
on the recordon наибольший favoured nation terms
on-yearone-time goods
one-way classificationOPEC
openopen account
open business relationsopen competition
open creditopen economic system
open economyopen for general public
open interestopen market
open market and foreign accountsopen market operation
open pricingopen rate
open shopopen unemployment
open unionopen work
open-endopen-end contract
open-end investment trustopen-ended preferences
open-pit operationsopening
opening assets(s)opening balance
operateoperate a machine
operatingoperating accounts
operating agencyoperating capacities
operating capitaloperating cash on hand
operating cycleoperating equipment
operating expensesoperating expensess
operating methodoperating personnel
operating profitoperating rate
operating ratiooperating reserve
operating resultsoperating revenue
operating statementoperating surplus
operating timeoperating trouble
operationoperation of premises
operation of regional economyoperational
operational activitys for developmentoperational capacityies
operational readinessoperational research scientist
operational serviceoperations analysis
operations of an international stockoperations on current
operations researchopinion of the Board of auditors
opportunityopportunity costs
optimaloptimal earnings combination
optimal modeloptimal pattern
optimal patternsoptimal resource allocation
optimal valueoptimality calculation
optimizationoptimizing model
optimumoptimum allocation
optimum allocation of resourcesoptimum production
optimum programming of resource use and industrial outputoptimum scale of production
optimum size of a plantoption
optionaloptional equipment
optional programmeoptional sample
optional samplingorder
order bookorder figures
order formorder of business
order of magnitudeorder of magnitudes
order of valuesordered data
orders for Japanese accountorders in process
orders on handordinary shares
ordinary stockorganic composition of capital
organizationorganization chart
organization chartsorganization expenses
organization for Economic Cooperation and Developmentorganization of associated labour
organization of budgetsorganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Organization petroleum of Exporting Countriesorganizational balance
organizations of associated labourorganize data
organizedorganized labour
organizing of productionorientation programme
original budgetoriginal capital
original costoriginal estimates
original outlaysoriginal purchase price
original sources of dataoriginal subscribed capital
original valueorphan's benefit
other accounts receivable and payableother temporary assistance
other transportation equipment industryout
out (ward)-migrationout migration
out of balanceout of bond
out of circulation assetsout of date
out of orderout of repair
out of stockout payments
out-of workout-of-pocket cost
outlayoutlay accounts
outputoutput data
output flowsoutput per man
output per man-houroutput standard
output valueoutside
outside marketoutside price
outstanding advancesoutstanding capital stock
outstanding claims and liabilitiesoutstanding contributions
outstanding drawingsoutstanding economic problems
outstanding inventoriesoutstanding securities
outstanding securitysoutturn
outturn of the budgetoutward cargo
outward flow of capitaloutward-looking policy
outworkover abundant supply
over buyover sale
over the counter securities marketover time distribution of the income
over-all agreement quotasover-all average growth target
over-capacityies (excess ~ies)over-pricing
over-the-counter marketoverall appropriation
overdraft facilitiesoverdraft facilitys
overdueoverdue bill
overdue creditoverdue delivery
overdue paymentoverestimate
overextended enterprisesoverhang the market
overheadoverhead charges
overhead entitlementoverhead expenses
overhead expensessoverhead price
overhead staffoverload
overload capacityoverload post
overproduction crisisoverrun
oversavingoverseas investments
overstated inventory balancesoverstock
overtime comparisonovertime differential
overvaluedovervalued currency
own account activitiesown account consumption
own resourcesown-account activitys
own-account constructionown-account consumption
ownerowner of a patent
owner-managerowner-occupied dwellings
owner-operated farmowneroccupied dwellings
ownershipownership with voting rights