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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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n. e. c.narrow market
nationnation wide
nationalnational account for production
national accounting aggregatesnational accounting flows
national accounting flows (in SNA)national accounts
national accounts studynational balance sheet
national banknational concept
national debtnational economic accounts
national economic balancenational economic planning
national economic policysnational economy
national education billnational endow
national governmentnational income
national income accountsnational income used
national input coefficientsnational insurance
national noveltynational patrimony
national population censusnational population censuses
national price levelnational product
national product accountingnational roads
national sample surveysnational services
national surveysnational totals accounting
national treatmentnational union
national wealthnatural
natural and food resourcesnatural economy
natural gasnatural hazards
natural increasenatural indices
natural lossnatural measures
natural monopoliesnatural monopolys
natural personnatural persons
natural population changesnatural population increase
natural population increasesnatural resources
natural resources developmentnatural resources endow
natural scalenatural scarcity
natural unit of measurementnatural unitof measurement
natural wastenear money
necessities of lifenecessity
negativenegative balance
negative entrysnegative growth
negative investmentnegative list
negative rate of inventory accumulationnegative saving
negative signnegative trade balance
negative valuenegatively associated with ...
negotiabilitynegotiability of debt
negotiablenegotiable 15 years government bonds
negotiable a chequenegotiable a loan
negotiable a salenegotiable debt
negotiable documentnegotiable instrument
negotiable papersnegotiable securities
negotiable securitysnegotiate a sale
negotiated feenegotiated price quotas
negotiationneo-orthodox economist
netnet addition
net additions to assetsnet additions to consumer's stocks of durable goods
net aggregate flow of financial resourcesnet amount
net asset valuenet assets(s)s
net balancenet balances on current account
net base salary scalenet capital formation
net capital movementnet capital transfers
net cash returnsnet data
net debtor positionnet debtor position of a bank
net exportnet factor incomes from abroad
net flowsnet gain
net importnet income
net increase in the budgetnet incurrence of liabilities
net inflowsnet investment
net landing to the rest of the worldnet lending
net lossnet measure
net migrationnet money inflow
net movement of capitalnet movement of funds
net national productnet of ...
net of amortizationnet of depreciation
net pricenet proceeds
net producenet profit
net profit rationet remuneration
net return to capitalnet salaries
net salarynet sale
net salesnet surplus
net transit clearingnet weight
net worthnew capacityies
new construction and maintenancenew economic order
new entrants into the labour forcenew fixed assets(s)s put into use
new international economic environmentnew international economic order
new landnew obligational authority
new open in the marketsnew rules are effective beginning
new saving depositsnew savings deposits
new stock issuesnext best alternative
no-par value sharesno-par value stock
nominal bill of ladingnominal capital
nominal costnominal fee
nominal incomenominal industry
nominal outputnominal price
nominal retail turnovernominal share
nominal timenominal value
nominal wagenominal wages
non-ageingnon-agricultural working force
non-cash operations (payments, transactions)non-cash operations transactions
non-cash transactionsnon-commodity sale
non-competing groupsnon-competing groups in the labour market
non-competitive conditionsnon-concessional flows
non-conference carriernon-conference rates
non-conforming productnon-contractual portion
non-contributory pension plannon-corporate businesses
non-corporate sectornon-current
non-cyclical fluctuationsnon-deficient
non-deliverynon-dimensional value
non-distributable fundsnon-diversification
non-durable goodsnon-durables
non-economic methodsnon-economic reasons
non-equalizing differencesnon-equity methods of participation
non-equity methods of participation in investmentsnon-essentials
non-exclusive licencenon-exclusive license
non-expendablenon-exploitation of patent
non-export sectornon-family farm
non-farm constructionnon-farm structures
non-farm workersnon-financial corporation
non-financial incentivenon-financial transactions
non-food commodity(ies)non-fuel minerals
non-human productive resourcesnon-interest bearing
non-interest-bearingnon-irrigated agriculture
non-irrigated farmingnon-linear curve
non-linear functionsnon-linearities
non-manufactory industrynon-market transactions
non-material inputnon-material services
non-material spherenon-metals
non-monetary causes of inflationnon-monetary indicators
non-negotiablenon-objection clause
non-obviousness of an inventionnon-ODA contractual lending
non-operating costsnon-pecuniary incentives
non-pensionable post adjustmentsnon-pensionable salary differencials
non-pensionable salary differentialsnon-performance
non-price competitionnon-producing plants
non-production accountsnon-productive
non-productive accumulationnon-profit enterprise
non-profit firmnon-profit firms
non-profit organizationnon-profit organizations
non-quantifiable factorsnon-quantifyable factors
non-quantitiable factorsnon-reciprocity clause
non-reciprocity clause (principle, provision)non-reciprocity principle
non-reciprocity provisionnon-recurrent
non-recurrent expendituresnon-recurrent inquiry
non-recurring provisionsnon-renewable resource
non-renewable resourcesnon-repaiable grant
non-repayable aidnon-repayable grant
non-reproducible assets(s)snon-reproducible goods
non-reproducible material goodsnon-reproducible tangible assets(s)s
non-reproductible material goodsnon-reproductible tangible
non-reproductible tangible assetsnon-resident
non-resident companiesnon-resident company
non-resident holdingnon-residential structures
non-respondentnon-response rate
non-schooling childrennon-self-supporting population
non-sensitive goodsnon-sensitive list
non-skill labourersnon-storable commodity(ies)
non-tariff protectionnon-transferrable
non-union workersnon-unionworkers
non-use of a patentnon-voting shares
non-wage benefitnon-wage benefits
non-wastenon-working of a patent
non-zero entrysnoncash and cash overhead costss
noncommercial farmsnoncompetitive imports
noncorporate establishmentsnondurable consumption
nondurable goodsnonearning cash
noneconomic motivesnonferrous metal industry
nonhousehold balancesnonincorporated enterprises
nonnegotiablenonpecuniary motives
nonproductive servicesnonreciprocal clause
nonreciprocal principlenonreciprocal provision
nonremunerative family labournonresidential industrial construction
normnorm coefficient
normal demand conditionsnormals
Northen rangenostro balance
not at-arms-length transactionnot elsewhere cited
not expenditure levelnote
note issuenotes in circulation
notes payablenotes receivable
notion of flownotional profit
number of employednumber of employees per establishment
number of engaged by group statusnumber of farms by tenure
number of farms by typesnumber of foreclosures
number of persons engagednumber of persons engaged in agriculture
number of persons interviewednumber of workers
number weightsnumbering
numerical coefficientnumerical data
numerical measurement of elasticitynumerical methods
numerical tablenumerical treatment
numerical valuenutritional supplements