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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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labourlabour agreement
labour coefficientlabour conditions
labour consultantslabour consuming
labour contractlabour cost saving
labour costslabour discipline
labour disputelabour efficiency
labour exchangelabour expenditure
labour expenselabour force
labour force balancelabour force movements
labour gradelabour inputs
labour intensivelabour issue
labour lawlabour laws
labour legislationlabour length of services
labour management relationslabour market
labour matterslabour migration
labour mobilitylabour occupational safety
labour organizationslabour outlays
labour productivitylabour protection
labour rate settinglabour rating
labour relationslabour requirements
labour savinglabour saving machinery
labour saving technological progresslabour scarcity
labour serviceslabour situation
labour skilllabour specialists
labour spylabour statistics
labour supplylabour theory of value
labour turnoverlabour turnover rate
labour unit costlabour-saving capital
labour-saving processed foodslabourer
lack of comparabilitylack of coordination
lag behindlag coefficient
lag of expenditures behind receiptslagged
lagged variableslagging
lagging populationlags and lead
lags in incomelags in the flow of goods
laid deliverylaid-up ship
land and soil classification and rating systemland and soil inventory and evaluation
land cadastreland capability
land capability classification systemland classes
land developerland development
land development costsland economies
land evaluationland grant
land grant collegesland improvement
land in productionland inputs
land investmentland nationalization
land priceland productivity
land rent prices prevailing in the market placeland rentals
land resources by use and gradeland suited for cultivation
land tenureland under cultivation
land useland use patterns
land userland uses
land valueland with a long farming history
land-grant collegesland-output ratio
land-use systemslanded
landed aristocracylanded capital
landing policylandlord
language allowancelapse
lapse of an offerlapse of patent
large capital equipmentlarge-scale
large-scale dismissallarge-scale equipment
large-scale industrylarge-scale investments
large-scale maplarge-scale programmes
large-scale projectlarge-scale social programme
large-scale-productionlarger contributors
last pricelast-hired - first-fired marginal workers
last-in-first-out accounting (LIFO)last-in-first-out system
laterallateral discharge
latest readinglattice sampling
lawlaw clerk
law enforcementlaw firm
law merchantlaw of contracts
law of demand and supplylaw of diminishing marginal utility
law of downward-sloping demandlaw of property
law of the sealaw-merchant
laylay out
lay up a vessellay-off
laying offlaying off of work
laying outlayoffs
layoutlayout of a district
layout of equipmentlayout of work
leadlead time
lead-time in investmentleader
leader handleader personnel
leader suppliersleading personnel
leading pricelease
lease holdingleased land
leased propertyleasehold
leasehold deedleaseholder
leasing arrangementleasing fees
leasing operationsleasing system
least costsleast costs equilibrium
least costs through factor substitutionleast-cost output
leaveleave of absence
leave officeleave without pay
legal adviserlegal and natural persons
legal constitution of the companylegal entity
legal expenseslegal person
legal reservelegal statistics
legal structurelegal tender
legally bindinglegally imposed construction standards
legitimatelegitimate demands
legitimate heirlend
lend leaselend long
lend moneylend on goods
lend-leaselend-lease settlement
lenderlender of capital
lendinglending agency
lending institutionlending institutions
lending limitslength
length of lifelength of life of assets(s)s
length of servicelessee
letterletter of attorney
letter of consentletter of credit
letter of guaranteeletter of indemnity
letter patentlevel
level of activitylevel of aggregation
level of assessmentlevel of business activity
level of consumer incomelevel of establishment
level of livinglevel of remuneration
level of the budgetlevel of the requirements
level of the working capital fundlevel the land
leveled landlevy
levy subsidy schemeliabilities
liability for damageliability for loss or damage
liability of indemnityliability reserve
liableliberal licensing
library for damagelicence fee
licence holderlicense
license agreementlicense fee
license holderlicense of right
licensed auditorlicensed capacity
licensing agreementlicensing company
licensing of trade markslicensor
lifelife annuity
life assurance companylife expectancy
life expectancy a businesslife insurance
life insurance annuitylife interest
life longlife of assets
life of assets(s)life of machine
life tablelife table of physical equipment
life table of physical propertylife tables of physical equipment
life tables of physical propertylife test
life timelife-insurance assets(s)
light weight materialslimit
limit of accuracylimit of age
limit of errorlimitation
limitation of actionlimited
limited clauseslimited liability company
limited line storelimiting clause
lineline balance
line balancingline control
line diagramline holder
line of businessline of credit
line of goodsline of industry
line of professionlinear
linear extrapolationlinear functions
linear modellinear programming
linear rate depreciationlinear system of management
linked demandlinking
linking methodliquid
liquid assetsliquid assets(s)
liquid capitalliquidate
liquidated damagesliquidation
liquidation businessliquidation of debts
liquidation of the businessliquidity
liquidity creationliquidity crises
liquidity needsliquidity policy
liquidity positionliquidity preference
liquidity ratiolist
list of casualtieslist price
list priceslisted securities
live capitallive weight
live weight basislivestock number
livingliving space
living wageload
load in bulkloaded deadweight ... ton
loadingloading capacity
loading orderloan
loan at short noticeloan business
loan capital (loan stock, debentures)loan contract
loan debenturesloan in default
loan in savings associationsloan interest
loan interest rateloan market
loan participationloan policy
loan prolongationloan servicing
loan sharkloan society
loan stockloans in default
loans raised upon bondslocal
local (national) commodity(ies)slocal accounts
local authoritieslocal borrowing ceiling
local equitylocal equity participation
local governmentlocal industrial union
local industrylocal investment
local labourlocal level salarys
local marketlocal materials
local participationlocal posts
local potentialitieslocal raw material
local requirementslocal reserves
local unionlocality
localizationlocalization economys
locallylocally incorporated enterprise
locally incorporated into pricelocally recruited staff
locally taxable incomelocation
location analysislocation of production
location of the investmentlocation theory
locational decision makinglock in cash
loco pricelogistic
logistic curvelogistical
logistical problemslogistical support
long gestation enterpriseslong life
long shore menlong Tonne
long-run social needslong-term
long-term assetlong-term forecasting
long-term forecastslong-term investment decisions
long-term planninglong-term programme
long-term projectionlong-term projections
long-term ratelong-term recruitment planning
long-term suppliers' creditslong-term trend
long-term unemploymentlonger construction cycles
looseloose plan
loose standardlop-sided development
lop-sided distributionLorenz curve
loss accountingloss and gain account
losses and gains in exchangelosses and production
losses on exchangelot
lot productionlow of diminishing returns
low-pressure economylow-waste
lower wants of manlower-valued crops
luck of job securitylucrative
lump goldlump of money
lump sumlump sum amounts
lump sum subsidylump sum tax
lump together all expenseslumpsum award
luxuryluxury tax