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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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half grosshand
hand madehand to-mouth
hand workhand-to-mouth buying
handicraft industryhanding agent
handlehandle the credit
handlinghandling agent
handling capacityhandling charge
handling equipmenthandling time
hands wantedharbour accommodation
harbour authoritieshard
hard cashhard credits
hard currencyhard labour
hard lendinghard money
hard workshard-core
hard-core developing countrieshard-core unemployment
hardware costhardware costs
harmonizing the interestshauling costss
have money on loanhazard
headhead of a family
head officehead quarters
head taxhead workman
healthhealth centers
health certificatehealth education
health facilitieshealth hazard
health hazardshealth insurance
health protectionhealth service
health statisticsheaviness
heavyheavy casualties
heavy cropheavy debts
heavy dutiesheavy duty
heavy duty equipmentheavy duty machine
heavy engineeringheavy expenses
heavy fuelheavy industry
heavy lossheavy market
heavy orderheavy repair
heavy serviceheavy taxes
heavy traffichedge
hedge against contingencieshedge patents
hedging patentshidden
hidden costshidden inflation
hidden profithidden reserve
hidden unemploymenthigh
high capacity machinehigh capital cost
high capital costshigh cost of money
high credithigh efficiency
high employment budgethigh employment economy
high farminghigh finance
high finishhigh finish goods
high grade merchandise producthigh living
high moneyhigh office
high powerhigh pressure economy
high pressuredhigh priced labour
high qualityhigh season
high speed computerhigh speed of operation
high speed repairhigh-demand policy
high-geared wage systemhigh-investment economy
high-levelhigh-powered money
high-speed computerhigh-speed operation
high-wastehigher profit crops
highest bidderhighly package transfer
hirehire money
hire purchasehire-purchase
hire-purchase salehired
hired labourhired man
hiringhiring hall
historical costshistorical data
historical priceshistorical series
holder in due courseholder of technology
holdingholding and maintaining costs of stocks
holding capacityholding company
holding of more than one professionholdings
holidayholiday pay
holiday-makerholidays with pay
holidays without payhome economics
home industryhome market
home officehome produce
home rulehome-made
horizontal agreementhorizontal bar chart
horizontal expansionhorizontal integration
horizontal transferhorse-power
Horticultural and Forestry Industry Training boardhospitality allowance
hospitality costsshospitality expenditures
hospitalization insurancehot money movements
hotel reservationhourly
hourly earningshourly expensess
hourly payhourly wage rates
hourshours of attendance
hours of exchangehours paid for
hours workedhouse
house dayhouse keeper
house organhouse-keeping
house-keeping expensesshouse-to-~ selling
household applianceshousehold assets(s)s
household budgethousehold consumption expenditures
household durable goodshousehold durables
household establishmenthousehold expenditures
household goodshousehold machinery
household operationhousehold output
household productionhousehold requirements
household savinghousehold sector
household statisticshousing
housing accommodationhousing accommodations
housing censushousing construction
housing developmenthousing estate
housing spacehousing starts
housing statisticshousing stock
housing unithuman
human and social scienceshuman capital
human capital formationhuman engineering
human labourhuman organization
human relationshuman-consumers