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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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gaingain sharing
gainfulgainful employment
gainful occupationgainful workers
gainfully occupied populationgainings
gains in the capital fundgalloping inflation
ganggang boss
gang foremanganged
gapgap in the balance
gap in the datagarnishment
garnishment of wagesgauge
general (operating) expensessgeneral accountant
general accountinggeneral administrative expensess
general agencygeneral agent
general Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)general average
general business situationgeneral cargo
general census of populationgeneral commission agent
general crop farmgeneral crop farmer
general economic equilibriumgeneral employment
general engineeringgeneral equilibrium
general equilibrium of labour marketgeneral estimate
general expensesgeneral expenses items
general factorgeneral farms
general foremangeneral fund
general government (in SNA)general government sector
general government servicegeneral labour
general layoutgeneral least cost substitution principle
general ledgergeneral manager
general meetinggeneral office
general overhaulgeneral overhead
general price levelgeneral public services (in SNS)
general purpose computergeneral purpose type
general reportgeneral service department
general service postsgeneral ship
general storegeneral strike
general stuffgeneral system theory
general temporary assistancegeneral term(s)
general theorygeneral totality
general unit of accountsgeneral worker
general-overhead-type costssgeneralize
generalized financing agreements for stocksgeneralized preference system
generategenerate employment
generateing in bulkgeneration
generation timegeological examination
geometricgeometric average
geometric average of pricesgeometric distribution
geometric meangestation period
giftgift tax
gilt-edged securitysgiveaway programmes
globalglobal average target
global communication systemglobal permit
global quotaglobal quotas
global slumpglobal total
glutglutted market
GNPgo into black
go to money market for fundsgo under-
goinggoing business
going concerngoing rate
going valuegoing wage
goldgold backing
gold bullion clausegold clause
gold covergold exchange monetary
gold exchange monetary systemgold exchange standard
gold flowsgold inflow
gold linkgold parity
gold pointgold points
gold poolgold reserve
gold reservesgold reserves drain
gold standardgold stock
gold substitutesgold tranche drawing rights
gold-bullion clausegold-exchange monetary system
gold-exchange standardgold-value clause
goodgood (risk) debtors
good bargaingood delivery
good officesgood ordinary brand
good titlegood will
goodsgoods carried
goods entering international tradegoods entering world trade
goods in circulationgoods in danger of being attached
goods in processgoods in transit
governing by objectivesgovernment
government activitysgovernment assets(s)s abroad
government consumptiongovernment consumption expenditure (in SNA)
government debtgovernment deficit
government employeegovernment enterprise
government interventiongovernment promotion
government receiptsgovernment receiptss
government regulationgovernment securities
government services (in SNA)government spending
government takegovernment workers
governmental non-interference with businessgrace
grace periodgrace period of a loan
gradegrade of quality
grade testinggraded
graded a taxgrading
graduategraduate course an economics (mathematics)
graduate studentgraduated income tax
graduationgraduation curve
graduation workgrain
grain basisgrain bill
grain equivalentgrain exchange
grain in bulkgrain pool
grain supplygrant
grant a patentgrant an allowance (discount)
grant creditgrant delay
grant elementgrant element (in development assistance)
grant element in development assistancegrant element of aid
grant-back provisiongrant-in-aid
granting stategraph
graph of workgraphic
graphic chartgraphic model
graphic schedulegratis
grey marketgreyhound system
grievancegrievance committee
grossgross accumulation
gross additions to fixed capitalgross amount
gross assetsgross assets(s) formation
gross average hourly earningsgross balance
gross base salary scalegross coefficient
gross datagross domestic investment
gross domestic productgross domestic product (GDP)
gross domestic product at factor costgross domestic product in purchasers' value (marketing value)
gross earningsgross error
gross exportgross fixed capital
gross fixed capital formationgross industrial production
gross interestgross interregional money flows
gross investmentsgross liabilities
gross margingross measure
gross national productgross national product (GNP)
gross national product deflatorgross of ...
gross operating incomegross output
gross private domestic investmentgross proceeds
gross productgross profit
gross receiptsgross remuneration
gross rentgross retention
gross returngross revenue
gross salesgross social product
gross value addedgross weight
grossfixed capital formationground rent
ground water exploration and developmentgroup
group Agroup B
group bonus wage plangroup factor
group incentivegroup insurance
group medicinegroup of Ten (Paris Club)
group task rategroup wage
groupinggrouping criterion
growth composition analysisgrowth curve
growth potentialgrowth rate
growth recessiongrowth stock
growth targetgrowth target (rate)
growth theoryguarantee
guarantee commitmentguarantee fund
guarantee periodguarantee test
guaranteed annual wageguaranteed credit
guaranteed farm pricesguaranteed hourly rate
guaranteed royaltyguaranteed royalty payment
guaranteed wage rateguarantor
guidelineguiding price