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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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earmarkearmarked gold
earnearn a living by ...
earn one's living byearned rate average
earned surplusearner
earnestearnest money
earningearning assets
earning assets(s)searning capacity of land
earning potentialsearning power
earning retained in the businessearnings from foreign investments
earnings from insurance and brokerageearnings measures
earnings of factors of productionearnings of management
earnings on new capitalearnings per man-hour
earnings stabilityearnings summary
easeease custom formalities
easingeasing of market
easing of market of goldeasy
easy marketeasy money
econometric modeleconomic
economic "miracle"economic accountability
economic accountingeconomic achievements
economic activityeconomic activitys
economic advancementeconomic advancement and social progress
economic affairseconomic and social framework
economic and social infrastructureseconomic and social systems
economic behavioreconomic benefits
economic calculationeconomic capacity
economic competitioneconomic conditions
economic crisiseconomic cycle
economic dislocationeconomic disparity
economic down-turneconomic efficiency
economic environmenteconomic equilibrium
economic eventeconomic executive
economic goodseconomic health
economic imbalanceeconomic incentives
economic independenceeconomic indexes
economic lifeeconomic life of equipment
economic lot sizeeconomic magnitudes
economic measureeconomic measures
economic mechanismeconomic method
economic mighteconomic mobilization
economic motivationeconomic motivations
economic opportunities for gainful employmenteconomic opportunity
economic opportunityseconomic order
economic outlook workerseconomic patent
economic patterneconomic phenomena
economic planeconomic planner
economic planningeconomic plans
economic potentialeconomic problems
economic projectionseconomic prospect
economic recoveryeconomic sanctions
economic scenarioeconomic self- sufficiency
economic self-sufficiencyeconomic situation
economic statisticseconomic status
economic strategyeconomic survey
economic systemeconomic tasks
economic theoristeconomic time series
economic transactionseconomic unit
economic volume of outputeconomic warfare
economic wasteeconomic-size plants
economically active populationeconomically adapted crops
economically exploitable reserveseconomically feasible
economically inactive populationeconomically sized farm
economicseconomics department
economics individualistic ~economics of enterprise
economics of industrial firmeconomics of input and output
economics of planningeconomist
economy classeconomy in capital charges
economy of labour forceeconomy of large scale
economy of scaleeconomy undergoing change
economys of bulk transactionseconomys of integration due to common costs
economys of local specializationeconomys of localization
economys of mass productioneconomys of scale
economys of standardizationed system
educational establishmenteducational grant
educational standardeffect
effect insuranceeffect payment
effect repaireffective
effective capacityeffective date
effective demandeffective exchange rate
effective interest rateeffective life in the use
effective outputeffective power
effective priceeffective protection of industrial property
effective tax rateeffective value
effects of a saleefficiency
efficiency engineerefficiency factor
efficiency manefficient
efficient labourefficient planning of the working day
elaborate planningelastic
elastic demandelastic supply
elasticityelasticity (of demand) coefficient
elasticity coefficientelasticity of demand
elasticity of demand and supplyelasticitys between different factors
electrical engineeringelectronic computer
elementelementary flow
eligibleeligible beneficiary
eligible companieselimination of post
embodied labourembodied technology
emergencyemergency communication
emergency food situationemergency loan
emergency measuresemergency rates
emergency repairemergency service
emergency stockemergency store
emergency workemission
employed personemployee
employee moraleemployees bonuss
employees insuranceemployees participation fund
employeremployer contributions to private pension and welfare funds
employers associationsemployers liability
employers' associationsemployment
employment agencyemployment agent
employment bureauemployment creation
employment departmentemployment exchange
employment gainemployment generation
employment in public sectoremployment index
employment layoffsemployment manager
employment of scarce resourcesemployment office statistics
employment planemployment promotion
employment taxesemployment-effects of price-level trends
emporiumen masse
en routeencourage exports
end costs (of production)end product
end the year in redending stocks
endogenousendogenous expenditure
endogenous sectorsendogenous variable
endow insuranceendow plan policy
endowment plan policyenergy
energy balanceenergy consumption
energy costsenergy costss
energy importenergy intensive
energy supplyenergy to output ratio
energy-intensiveenergy-output ratio
energy-saving technological progressenergy/output ratio
engaged in servicesengagement
engineer contractorengineering
engineering buildingengineering department
engineering designengineering education
engineering feesengineering manual
engineering plantengineering preliminaries
engineering processengineering products
engineering reportengineering research
engineering servicesengineering specifications
engineering structureengineering students
engineering supervisionengineering survey
engineering toolsenhancing efficiency
enjoy preferenceensure
enter in columnsenterprise
enterprise accountingenterprise as a factor of production
enterprise capitalenterprise `
entity engaged in economic activityentrance
entrance dutyentrance into market
entrance moneyentrant
entrepreneurial activityentrepreneurial expertise
entrepreneurial functionsentrepreneurial income
entrepreneurial profitentrepreneurial skills
entrepreneurial workentrepreneurs fund
entry declarationenumerate
enumerationenumeration census
enumeration districtenumeration form
enumeration sample surveyenumerator
equal national treatmentequal treatment
equality of opportunityequalization
equalization feeequalization plan
equalization taxequilibrium
equilibrium levelequilibrium of supply and demand
equilibrium pointequilibrium price
equilibrium systemequipment
equipment examinationequipment industry
equipment investmentsequipment manuals
equipment recordequipment specifications
equipment stockequipment substitution analysis
equipment systemsequipment unit capacity
equipment-exporting countriesequitable distribution
equitable priceequity
equity accumulationequity capital
equity earningsequity financing
equity investmentequity issue
equity joint ventureequity participation
equity sharesequivalent
erodeerodeing values
erosion from inflationerror
error of estimateerror of measurement
error of observationerrors and omissions
errors in measurementescalation
escalatorescalator clause
escapeescape clause
essential foodsessential goods
establishestablish a business
establish a claimestablished posts
establishmentestablishment agreement
establishment chargesestablishment of a firm
establishment of a new international economic orderestate
estate dutyestate tax
estimateestimate and financial computation
estimate calculationestimate for income
estimate of costssestimate of depreciation
estimatedestimated contribution
estimated dataestimated gross expenditure
estimated market priceestimated on the basis of
estimated share of overhead costsestimated time
estimated total costssestimated value
estimates for travel of staffestimates of future population growth
estimates of the payments situation and needsestimation
estimation of balanceestimation of future population growth
ethnical identityEuro-
Euro- currency instrumentsEuro- currency market
Euro- currency transactionsEuro-banks
Euro-currencyEuro-currency bonds
Euro-currency commercial papersEuro-currency loan
Euro-currency marketEuro-currency rates
Euro-currency transactions (flows)Euro-dollars
Euro-dollars debtEuro-loans
Euro-marketEurocurrency instruments
Eurocurrency marketEurocurrency rates
EuropeanEuropean Atomic Energy community
European Coal and Steel communityEuropean Currency Unit
European Economic communityEuropean Monetary System
European Monetary Unitevaluate
even and balanced developmenteventual
eventual buyereventual losses
eventual resulteviction
exex-dividend price
ex-gratia paymentexact
exact feesexacting
exacting customerexacting term of loans
examinationexamination as to form of patent application
examination as to substance of patent applicationexamination of a claim
excessexcess capacity
excess demandexcess equipment
excess populationexcess profit
excess profit levyexcess profit tax
excess profits taxexcess weight
excessive capital accumulationexcessive supply of capital
exchangeexchange adjustments
exchange balance of a countryexchange broker
exchange businessexchange certificate
exchange certificate marketexchange clearing
exchange controlexchange earnings
exchange fraudexchange market
exchange mechanismexchange of goods
exchange operationsexchange rate
exchange rate depreciation of reserve currenciesexchange rate realignment
exchange rates alignmentexchange relationships
exchange restrictionsexchange risks
exchange shortageexchange stabilization fund
exchange transactionexchange value
excise dutyexcise taxes
exclusiveexclusive buying
exclusive dealerexclusive dealing arrangements
exclusive licenceexclusive license
exclusive monopolysexclusive purchaser
exclusive right of establishmentexclusive sale
executionexecution of a contract
execution of orderexecutive
executive boardexecutive committee
executive compensationexecutive development
executive directorexecutive duties
executive expensessexecutive officer
executive officersexecutive personnel
executive positionsexecutive staff
exemptexempt from duties
exemptionexemption from all import and capital outflow controls
exogenous factorexogenous producing sectors
exogenous sectorsexogenous variable
exoneration clauseexpand
expanded reproductionexpansion
expansion of territoryexpansion phase
expansion rateexpansionary
expansionary actionsexpansionary demand policy
expansionary measuresexpansionary policy
expatriate allowanceexpatriated
expatriated employeesexpatriates
expatriates allowanceexpatriation
expatriation of profitsexpectation
expected lifeexpedite
expeditionexpedition of goods
expendable incomeexpenditure
expenditure appropriationexpenditure estimate
expenditure itemexpenditure pattern
expenditure rateexpenditures and saving of consumer by class of ~s
expense budgetexpense items
expensesexpenses account
expenses budgetexpenses ratio
expensess chargeable directly to the fundexpensess charged against revenue
expensess for administration per unit of outputexpensess incidental to ...
experimental dataexperimental development
expertexpert labour
expertiseexplicit rent
exponential distributionexport
export balance of tradeexport bonus rate
export bonusesexport bonuss
export bountyexport by countries of destination
export by countries of originexport by country of origin
export by origin and destinationexport by provenance and destination
export capacityexport duty
export earningsexport elasticity
export feeexport incentives
export industriesexport license
export market researchexport markets
export outletsexport permit
export pricingexport proceeds
export processing zoneexport promotion
export purchasing powerexport ratio
export revenueexport sector
export shortfall fallexport value of imported merchandise
export volumeexport-import relations
export-led growthexportability
exportability of productionexportable
exportable commodity(ies)exportable goods
exportable productionexportable surplus
exports by countries of destinationexports f. o. b.
exports foregoneexports of goods and services
exports of imported merchandiseexposition
expressexpress company
express conditionexpress conditions
express deliveryexpress goods
expropriationexpropriation guarantees
extendExtended Bank facility (IRRR)
extended facility (IMF)extended reproduction
extensionextension agent
extension of live of absenceextension service
extension workerextensions of new mortgages
extensive agricultureexternal
external accountsexternal and internal margins
external auditexternal audit costs
external auditorsexternal balance
external debtexternal deficit
external diseconomiesexternal diseconomys
external economic impulsesexternal economys
external imbalanceexternal liabilities
external marketexternal obligations
external paymentsexternal surplus
external trade conversion factorexternalities
extra and extraordinary costssextra and extraordinary expensess
extra budgetary fundsextra-budgetary funds
extra-budgetory resourcesextra-market factors
extra-urban industryextraction
extractiveextractive industries
extraordinary defense budgetsextrapolation
extremeextreme observation
extreme value