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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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c. i. f. (Cost Insurance Freight)C.O.D.
calculate interestcalculated
calculatingcalculating machine
calculating machinescalculating price
calculationcalculation interval
calculation of costscalculation of exchange
calculation problemcalculator
call depositcall in outstanding loans
call loancall loan (money)
cancelcancel debts
canvass surveycapability
capacitycapacity became operational
capacity factorcapacity of markets
capacity productioncapacity utilization rate
capacity valuecapacityies became operational
capacityies ratecapacityies requirements
capacityies use (utilization)capacityies utilization rate
capital accountcapital account balance
capital account reconciliationcapital accumulation
capital aidcapital aid for economic development
capital allowancescapital amount
capital assetscapital assets(s)s
capital attritioncapital coefficient
capital consumptioncapital consumption allowances
capital contributioncapital cost per unit of output
capital costscapital costss
capital equipmentcapital expenditure budget
capital expenditurescapital flow
capital formationcapital formation sector
capital fundcapital fund outlays
capital gaincapital gain tax
capital gainscapital goods
capital goods investmentcapital grants
capital holdingscapital input-output coefficient
capital inputscapital intensive
capital intensive industries (sectors)capital invested
capital invested per dollar of outputcapital investment
capital investmentscapital items
capital management policycapital market
capital movementscapital outlay
capital outlayscapital per man-hour
capital per workercapital planning
capital productivitycapital reinvestment
capital renewalscapital repair
capital repairscapital replacement
capital requirementscapital requirements of production
capital resourcescapital retirement
capital saveing technological progresscapital shortage
capital spendingcapital spending intentions
capital stockcapital structure
capital supplycapital transactions
capital transferscapital turnover
capital utilizationcapital value
capital-employment ratiocapital-output
capital-output ratiocapital-saving devices
capital-saving innovationscapital-saving technological progress
capital/employment (labour) ratiocapital/employment ratio
capitalizationcapitalization of overhead charges
capitalization of technologycapitalization period
capitalizecapitalized cost
capitalized earning powercapitalized rights
capitalized total costcapitalized value
capitationcapitation grant
capitation taxcarcass
carcass weightcarcass weight basis
carcass weight equivalentcarcass weight equivalent (basis)
cardcard box
card indexcard-punching
card-readingcardinal reconstruction
cargocargo bulk
cargo carriercargo insurance
cargo ratescargo ship
cargo turnovercarnet
carriagecarriage free
carry forwardcarry forward of losses
carry overcarry-over
carry-over stockcarry-over stocks
carrying business (trade)carrying capacity
carrying chargecarrying costss
carrying out timecartel
casecase study
case studyscase work
case workercash
cash a checkcash account
cash advancescash allowance
cash and carry sellingcash and realizable goods
cash balancecash basis (of accounting)
cash basis of accountingcash bonuss
cash bookcash budget
cash crop productioncash crops
cash deliverycash department
cash dividendcash down
cash fixed costsscash flow
cash grain farmcash holding
cash holdings in bankscash in advance
cash in bankcash in vault
cash issuecash journal
cash listcash management
cash moneycash on delivery (C. O. D.)
cash on handcash on payment
cash outlayscash position
cash purchasing powercash ratio (liquidity ratio)
cash receiptscash receiptss
cash registercash relocation grant
cash remittancecash report
cash reservescash sale
cash settlementcash-crop farmers
casual revenuecasual worker
casual worker (labour)casualty
casualty insurancecatalogue
catalogue wholesalercategories of activitys
categories of employmentcatering and related services
cattle finishingceiling
ceiling constraintceiling of full employment
ceiling of the highest contributionceiling on commitments
ceiling priceceiling principle
ceiling under surveillancecensus
census authoritiescensus capital
census classificationcensus data
census data (figures)census distribution
census industrycensus information
census of manufacturescensus of mining
census ratiocensus region
census schedulingcensus statistics
census takerscensus unit
census yearscentered moving averages
centilecentile curve
centralcentral bank
central objectivecentral-office company
centrally planned economiescentrally planned economy
certificatecertificate of fitness
certificate of incorporationcertificate of origin
certificate of proofcertificate of receipt
certificates of deposit (C. O. D.)certificates of indebtedness
certified accountantcertified statement
chainchain banking
chain correlationchain index
chain processchain stores
chamberchamber of commerce
chamber of commerce and industrychange
change overchanges in assets(s)s holdings
changes in gross fixed investmentchanges in measures
changingchannels of distribution
chargecharge account
chargeablecharges against revenue
charter spacechartered accountant
chartered flightcharterer
chattelchattel mortgage
cheapcheap currency
cheap moneycheck
check (cheque) processingcheck able demand deposits
check analysischeck book
check currencycheck deposits
check inflationcheck list
check of figurescheck off agreement
check samplecheck study
check-offcheckable demand deposit
checking (examining) departmentchecking account deposit
checking account depositschecking calculation
checking depositchecking of quality
checks cashedcheque processing
Chicago board of Tradechief auditor
chief executiveschildren's allowances
chronic trade deficitscif (c.i.f. - cost, insurance, freight)
cifl (c.i.f.l. - cost, insurance, freight landed)circular chart
circular flow of goods and servicescirculate
circulate assetscirculate capital
circulate fundscirculate list
circulate meanscirculate medium
circulating capitalcirculation
circulation expensescirculation of commodities
city planningcivil and commercial proceedings
civil servicecivilian
civilian and commercial processingcivilian consumption
civilian demandcivilian engineering
civilian goodscivilian labour force
civilian populationcivilian public consumption
claimclaim (in a patent application)
claim damagesclaims on government
claims on private sectorclaims to property
clandestine manufactureclass
classificationclassification of commodities by industrial origin
clausedclaused bill of lading
cleanclean bill of exchange
clean creditclean piece rate
clean upclear
clear profitclearance
clearance saleclearing
clearing accountclearing agreement
clearing balanceclearing bank
clearing deficitclearing house
clearing paymentsclearing with non-convertible balance
clericalclerical employee
clerical staffclerical work
close a dealclose a transaction
close accountclose check
close comparabilityclose corporation
close currency marketsclose ended preferences
close exchange marketclose foreign exchange (currency) markets
close foreign exchange marketclose out
close rate at the of dayclose-out sale
closed economic systemclosed economy
closed end fundclosed shop
closely held companysclosely held firms
closely held firms (companies)closing
closing assets(s)sclosing balance sheet
closing dateclosing inventory
closing priceclosing prices
closing rateclosing time
closing upCMEA (Council of Mutual Economic Assistance)
CMEA (Council of Mutual Economic Assistance) countriesco-ownership
co-productioncoarse grains
COBOL (common business oriented language)code(s)
code(s) of conduct for liner conferencecode(s) of conduct for the transfer of technology
code(s) of good practicecode(s) of trade liberalization
codes of practicecoefficient
coefficient of conversioncoefficient of correction
coefficient of deviationcoefficient of efficiency
coefficient of equipment utilizationcoefficient of equivalence
coefficient of labour inputscoefficient of occupation
coefficient of performancecoefficient of redistribution
coefficient of reliabilitycoefficient of specialization
coefficient of utilizationcohesive economy
cold storagecold storage facilitys
collateral datacollect
collect arrear(s)scollect damages
collect damages for losses from damaged goods or delays in delivcollect freight
collect on deliverycollection
collection of contributionscollection of debts
collection of taxescollection on delivery
collection ordercollection period
collectivecollective agreement
collective bargainingcollective bargaining agreement
collective bonus (premium)collective contract
collective direct and indirect consumptioncollective economic security
collective farmcollective farmers
collective self- reliancecolonial produce
columncolumn diagram
combinationcombination between competitors
combination movementcombination of operations
combination ratecombine
combined coefficientcombined costss
combined expenditurescombined firms
combined gradecombined net material product
combined transportationcombined trough rate
commercial activityscommercial agent
commercial agriculturecommercial and financial flows
commercial backlogcommercial bill
commercial counsellorcommercial credit
commercial cropscommercial disputes
commercial educationcommercial energy
commercial exhibitcommercial facilities
commercial farmcommercial farmers
commercial farmingcommercial farms
commercial invoicecommercial law
commercial lending practicecommercial output
commercial output (production)commercial paper
commercial policycommercial politics
commercial practices governing transfer of technologycommercial production
commercial relationscommercial remittances
commercial rental ratescommercial reserves
commercial staffcommercial traveller
commercial treatycommercial undertaking
commercial valuecommercialism
commercializationcommercialization of agriculture
commission agentcommission charges
commission feecommission merchant
commission notecommissioning of
commitcommit a loan
commited expenditurecommitment
commitment provision balancingcommitments recorded
committed expenditurescommodities in bond
commodities out of makecommodity agreements
commodity and money flow systemcommodity assistance
commodity boomcommodity classification
commodity composition of tradecommodity exchange
commodity flowscommodity heading
commodity marketcommodity mix
commodity papercommodity prices
commodity stabilization agreementcommodity stabilization agreements
commodity(ies)commodity(ies) agreement
commodity(ies) capitalcommodity(ies) classes
commodity(ies) classificationcommodity(ies) coding
commodity(ies) composition of tradecommodity(ies) conference
commodity(ies) exchangecommodity(ies) exports
commodity(ies) flowscommodity(ies) funds
commodity(ies) headingcommodity(ies) in short supply
commodity(ies) in their processed or semiprocessed formscommodity(ies) market
commodity(ies) outputcommodity(ies) price index
commodity(ies) producing sectorcommodity(ies) production
commodity(ies) ratescommodity(ies) shunting
commodity(ies) stabilization agreementscommodity(ies) taxes
commodity(ies) tradecommodity(ies) trade statistics
commodity(ies) turnovercommodity(ies) with multiple use
commoncommon agricultural policy
common conceptcommon currency
common denominatorcommon fund for commodity stocks financing
common interestcommon labour
common marketcommon pricing
common profit and loss poolcommon staff costs
common staff costsscommon stock
common stock holdercommunal
communal public servicescommunication
communist constructioncommunity
community facilityscommunity of interests
companycompany by-law
company lawcompany limited by shares
company must be domiciled incompany of workmen
company pension liability to employeescompany statutes
company storecompany union
comparabilitycomparability of the data (over time)
comparablecomparable classification
comparable datacomparative
comparative accountingcomparative analysis
comparative balance sheetcomparative cost analysis
comparative cost pricecomparative cost study
comparative costs techniquecomparative economics
comparative estimates of national incomecomparative forecasting
comparative labour costsscomparative production
comparisoncomparison basis (base)
comparison of productive structurescompensable
compensable accidentcompensate
compensate for injuryscompensate sharing
compensate... for export shortfall fallcompensated
compensationcompensation for expropriation
compensation for termination of a contractcompensation of employees
compensation paidcompensatory
compensatory arrangementcompensatory drawing
compensatory dutycompensatory financing
compensatory financing (deficite financing)compensatory financing facility (IMF)
compensatory financing on fluctuations of export earningscompensatory financing schemes
compensatory fiscal policycompensatory levys
compensatory spendingcompetence
competent directioncompetent utilization
competingcompeting businesss
competing independent farmerscompeting product
competitioncompetition with capitalism
competitivecompetitive ability
competitive capitalismcompetitive conditions
competitive demandcompetitive depreciation (of currency)
competitive depreciation of currencycompetitive economy
competitive edgecompetitive equilibrium
competitive equilibrium pointcompetitive goods
competitive import(s)competitive imports
competitive marketcompetitive position
competitive powercompetitive price system
competitive pricescompetitive pricing of productive factors
competitive profit-and-loss systemcompetitive relationship
competitive sellerscompetitive supplier
competitive supplycompetitive system of markets and prices
competitive theorycompetitiveness
complementaritycomplementarity of inputs
complementarycomplementary agreements
complementary commoditiescomplementary demand
complementary goodscomplementary import
complementary importscomplementary production
complementary productscomplete
complete and accurate informationcomplete overhaul
complete plantscomplete set of accounts
complete system of equationscompletion
completion of past investment startscompletion time
complexcomplex norm
complex valuationscomplex value
complex variablecomplicated condition
componentcomponent analysis
component of variancecomponent part of aggregate
component partscomponent products
components of aggregatescomposite
composite balance sheetcomposite daily price
composite demandcomposite index
composite supplycomposition
compoundcompound arbitration
compound costcompound duty
compound fabricationcompound interest
compound interest depreciation methodcompound rate
compound rate of annual growthcomprehensive data
comprehensive programmecompulsory insurance
compulsory licensecompulsory retirement age
compulsory working of a patentcomputation
computation procedurecomputation table
computational requirementscompute
compute a table of valuescomputed average
computercomputer capacity
computer design and technologycomputer engineer
computer languagecomputer memory (store)
computer processingcomputer professions
computer program librarycomputer programme library
computer rentalcomputer science
computer storagecomputer storage capacity
computer storecomputer training
computer user chargescomputing
computing equipmentcomputing origin
computing problemscomputing technique
computing unitcomputing work
concentrationconcentration of production
concentration ratioconcern
concerted floatconcerted practice
concessional assistanceconcessional element of aid
concessional financingconcessional sales
concessionary financingcondition
condition of productionconditional
conditional distributionconditional expectation
conditional meanconditional probability
conditional saleconditions of life
conferenceconference lines
conference rateconfidence limit
confirmconfirm a treaty
confirm the priceconfirmation
conflicting dataconforming product
conglomerate mergercongressional authorization
consignmentconsignment note
consignorconsistent data
consistent estimateconsistent statisticss
consolidated accountsconsolidated balance sheet
consolidated delivery systemconsolidated financial statements
consolidated financingconsolidated man table
consolidated manning tableconsolidation
consolidation of accountsconsortium
conspicuous consumptionconspicuous waste
constantconstant and common indivisible overhead costs
constant capitalconstant coefficient
constant costconstant costs element
constant loadconstant output
constant overheadconstant prices
constant return to scaleconstituency
constituentconstituent firm of a combine
construction and assembly worksconstruction costss
construction engineeringconstruction engineers
construction equipmentconstruction expenses
construction gangconstruction in process
construction industryconstruction materials
construction of a set of accountsconstruction of a table
construction sectorconstruction statistics
construction(al) engineeringconsult
consult somebody's interestconsulting
consulting companyconsulting company (firm)
consulting feesconsulting services
consumerconsumer amenities
consumer amenitiessconsumer and producer durable goods
consumer anticipationsconsumer basket
consumer choiceconsumer cooperative
consumer cooperative (co-op)sconsumer credit
consumer demandconsumer durable goods output
consumer durablesconsumer durables spending
consumer expectationsconsumer finances
consumer goods (commodities) linesconsumer goods industry
consumer incomeconsumer indifference curve
consumer linesconsumer price index
consumer price statisticsconsumer prices
consumer purchasing powerconsumer sector
consumer servicesconsumer spending
consumer stocksconsumer tastes
consumer's commodity(ies)sconsumer's goods
consumer's marketconsumer's purchases
consumer's unionconsumers expenditure
consumers preferenceconsumers variability
consumers' sectorconsumption
consumption expendituresconsumption function
consumption function studiesconsumption fund
consumption goodsconsumption habits
consumption of fixed assetsconsumption of fixed assets(s)s
consumption per headconsumption sale
consumption salesconsumption standards
consumption taxconsumption-income relation
containercontainer standards
containerize transportation (shipment)content
content by proteincontingency
contingency plancontingency reserve
contingency stockcontinuity of data
continuouscontinuous (stop-watch) reading
continuous action machinecontinuous control
continuous developmentcontinuous full employment
continuous production processcontinuous sample
continuous seriescontinuous service
continuous surveycontract
contract awardcontract bonus system
contract constructioncontract in force
contract interestcontract labour
contract of associationcontract of employment
contract of indemnitycontract of purchase
contract of salecontract operations
contract pricecontract research
contract servicescontract shops
contract systemcontract terms
contract workcontracting
contracting of servicescontracting or subcontracting firm
contracting partycontraction
contractualcontractual arrangements
contractual fiscal regimecontractual joint venture
contractual matterscontractual price
contractual rate of interestcontractual transfer of technology
contractual valuecontribute
contribute towards the payment of the ordinary expensescontribution
contributions to medical insurance and other medical carecontributor
contributorycontributory negligence
contributory pensioncontrived scarcity
controlcontrol authorities
control datacontrol desk
control devicecontrol management in industry
control measurementcontrol of industrial relations
control roomcontrol system
controlled economycontrolling account
controlling block of stockcontrolling company
controlling interestcontrolling stock interest
convenience goodsconventional
conventional accounting methodsconventional duty
conventional dwellingsconventional necessaries
conventional necessitiesconventional oil
conventional signsconventional tariff system
conversion coefficientconversion cost
conversion factorsconversion of houses
conversion ratesconversion table
convertibility of balancesconvertible
convertible currencyconveyance
conveyance feescooperate
cooperating factorscooperating products
cooperationcooperation in production
cooperation in science and technologycooperative (co-op)
cooperative (co-op) bankcooperative (co-op) education
cooperative (co-op) industrycooperative (co-op) plant (enterprise)
cooperative (co-op) propertycooperative (co-op) society
cooperative division of labourcoordination
coordination of economic planscoordination of economic policy
copper depositscopyright
copyright lawcore
core industriescorporate
corporate businesscorporate control over market
corporate depreciation plancorporate headquarters
corporate knowledgecorporate profit
corporate savingcorporate sector
corporate securityscorporate stock
corporate taxcorporation
corporation by-lawscorporation charter
corporation income taxcorporation tax
correction factorcorrelation
correspondent bankscorrespondent education
corresponding bankcost accountant
cost accountscost adjustment payments
cost analysiscost and production schedules
cost composition of outputcost data
cost of borrowingcost of capital
cost of entrycost of money
cost pricecost sharing projects
cost-benefit analysiscost-of-living adjustments
cost-of-living allowancecost-of-living escalation
cost-plus-fixed-fee contractcost-price squeeze
cost-push inflationcosting
costing itemscosts
costs accountingcosts accounting technique
costs accountscosts allocation
costs analysiscosts and production schedules
costs are charged to projectscosts calculation
costs categorycosts center
costs composition of outputcosts control
costs curvecosts cutting
costs datacosts distribution
costs effectivenesscosts elements
costs equationcosts estimation
costs fluctuationcosts forecasts
costs formulascosts function
costs incorporating new techniquecosts inflation
costs itemcosts minimization
costs of capitalcosts of distribution
costs of economy class accommodationcosts of imports
costs of inputscosts of insurance and reinsurance
costs of labourcosts of living
costs of living adjustmentscosts of living allowance
costs of living escalation clausecosts of living statistics
costs of living wage raisecosts of loan capital
costs of maintenancecosts of material inputs
costs of moneycosts of operation
costs of productioncosts of repair
costs of salescosts of transport
costs per hourcosts per unit
costs plus-fixed-fee contractcosts price
costs price relationshipscosts record
costs reductioncosts relationship
costs savingcosts saving and profit sharing plans
costs sharingcosts sharing projects
costs sheetcosts structure
costs to be incurred in respect to ...costs unit
costs unit pricecosts value
costs-benefit analysiscosts-price squeeze
costs-push inflationcosts-push phenomena
costss are charged to projectscostss constant over time
costss estimatescostss incurred in producing goods and services
costss of international transportcostss of obsolescence and depreciation
costss of ownershipcostss of servicing
Council of Economic adviserscount
countercounter action
counter claimcounter plan
counter servicecounter value
counterbalancing factorscounterfeit
counterfeit moneycounterpart contribution
counterpart fundscountervailing
countervailing dutycountervailing power of labour unions
countingcounting house
counting house attitudecountries
countries in arrearscountry
country of destinationcountry of first asylum
country of origincountry programming
country programming systemcourt award
covercover ratio
coveragecoverage of commodities
craftcraft unions
creationcreation of a document
creation of employmentcreation of SDRs
creditcredit accommodation
credit accountingcredit advice
credit agenciescredit and debit
credit and deposit operationscredit application
credit arrangementscredit availability
credit balancecredit bill
credit capacitycredit control
credit cooperative (co-op)scredit curbs
credit defaultcredit entry
credit facilitiescredit inflation
credit institutions (agencies)credit instrument
credit is called for ...credit item
credit limitcredit line
credit needscredit on straight business terms
credit ratingcredit regulation
credit repaymentscredit restrictions
credit riskcredit sale
credit servicingcredit squeeze
credit standingcredit to income
credit unioncredit worthiness
creditor nationcreditor-debitor position
critical sectorscrop
crop contractual servicescrop failure
crop farmscrop input and output standards
crop landcrop materials
crop organizationcrop production
crop production technology and practicecrop profits
crop servicescrop variations
crop yearcrop yields
crop-farming systemcrop-feeding
croppingcropping plan
cropping seasoncropping system
crops for sale and feedcross
cross elasticitycross licensing
cross relations of demandcross section
cross tabulationcross-classification of imports
cross-licensingcross-section data
crowdingcrowding out
crudecrude birth (death) rate
crude datacrude estimate
crude fertilizercrude sample
crunchcultivated crops
cultural lagcummulative sum
cumulated balancecumulating
cumulating gainscumulating loss of reserves
cumulative arrearscumulative balance sheet
cumulative benefitscumulative depreciation
cumulative effectcumulative figures
cumulative seriescumulative sum
currency areacurrency areas
currency basketcurrency changes
currency clausecurrency depreciation
currency earning commoditiescurrency in circulation
currency instabilitycurrency issue
currency marketcurrency movements
currency portfoliocurrency realignment
currency shiftscurrency snake
currency speculationcurrency subscription
currency subscription (in IMF)currency swaps
currentcurrent account
current account balancecurrent account deficit
current account positionscurrent account surplus
current account transactionscurrent assets
current assets(s)scurrent capital
current developmentscurrent expenditure
current flowscurrent input-output coefficient
current inputs into productioncurrent liabilities
current outputcurrent output (production)
current pricecurrent prices
current qualitycurrent quota
current ratecurrent ratio
current repairscurrent return
current statisticscurrent statisticss
current surpluscurrent transaction
current transferscurrent value
current valuescurrent weighting
curtailcurtail expenses
curtail productioncurtailment
customcustom (house) broker
custom authoritiescustom build
custom clearancecustom declaration
custom dutycustom entry
custom housecustom in trade
custom plantscustom regulations
custom servicescustom shops
custom transit systemscustom-made
customscustoms and administrative procedure
customs bondcustoms clearance
customs declarationcustoms duties
customs duty foregonecustoms entry
customs feescustoms free
customs housecustoms house examination
customs unioncustoms valuation
customs warehousecut-throat competition
cyberneticcybernetic simulation
cybernetic simulatorcybernetics
cyclecycle average
cycle stagecyclical
cyclical changecyclical changes in demand and supply
cyclical fluctuationscyclical influences
cyclical movementscyclical pattern
cyclical peak yearscyclical phase
cyclical unemploymentcyclical variations