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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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backback a loan
back countryback flow
back freightback interest
back payback shift
backlogbacklog in housing
backlog of debtsbacklog of demand
backlog of licencesbacklog of orders
backlog of workbackward
backward bad debtbackward debt reserve
backward debts insurancebackward management
bad bargainbad debt
bad debt reservebad debts insurance
bad managementbail
balancebalance (total,summary) column
balance accountsbalance available in surplus account
balance costbalance cost (value)
balance in handbalance method
balance of (the) accountbalance of account
balance of appropriationsbalance of appropriations shall be surrendered
balance of claimsbalance of claims and liabilities
balance of debtbalance of direct investment flow
balance of fixed assetsbalance of goods and services
balance of industrial enterprisebalance of international indebtedness
balance of long term capital flowbalance of manpower
balance of merchandise tradebalance of money income and expenditure of the population
balance of payment accountbalance of payments
balance of payments positionbalance of payments statement
balance of servicesbalance of short-term transactions
balance of shot-term transactionsbalance of the account
balance of the estimatebalance of trade
balance of transfers and grantsbalance of U.S. official reserve assets
balance of visible tradebalance of working time
balance on current accountbalance on deposit
balance on net liquiditybalance on transfers and grants
balance outbalance sheet
balance sheet databalance sheet entries
balance sheet itemsbalance sheet of money relations
balance sheet of national wealthbalance the books
balance valuebalance value (cost)
balance-sheet entrysbalance-sheet items
balanced budgetbalanced distribution
balanced expansion of the world economybalanced growth
balanced industrial developmentbalanced industrial structure
balanced planbalanced sample
balances of all unpaid assessed contributionsbalances with foreign banks
balancingbalancing entry
balancing item (entry)balancing items
balancing the production capacitybale
banband chart
bankbank accommodations
bank accountbank adjuster
bank auditingbank automation
bank balancebank branchs
bank clearingsbank community
bank credit linebank deposit velocity
bank discountBank for International settlements
bank guaranteesbank issue
bank of circulationbank of issue
bank ratebank return
bank service chargebank statement
bank stockbank-holidays
banker's acceptancebanker's bank
bankers' commercial creditsbanking business
banking communitybanking costs
banking facilitysbanking interests
banking supportbankrupcy
bankrupcy proceedingsbanks clearing house
bans on tradebar chart
bar diagrambar graph
bare necessitiesbargain
bargain moneybargain sale
bargained feebargaining
bargaining strengthbarter
barter payment arrangementsbarter transaction
basebase charge
base database industry
base magnitudebase metals
base of the post adjustment systembase period
base pricebase rate
base scalesbase scenario
base timebase year
base year coefficientsbase-period prices
basicbasic account in balance of payments
basic activitysbasic aggregate
basic assetsbasic commodities
basic databasic document
basic feebasic funds depreciation
basic materialsbasic point
basic ratebasic research
basic salarybasic services factor
basic services sectorbasic standard
basic studysbasic table
basic target pricebasic value
basisbasis concept of supply and demand
basis of assessmentbasis point
basketbasket of goods
batchbatch production
be drained of fundsbe fully booked
be heavily bookedbe in the black ink
be in the redbe initially estimated
be liable for damagesbe off-duty
be on full paybe under articles
be worthbear
bear chargesbear expenses
bear interestsbear market
bearerbearer check
bearer securitiesbearer securitys
bearer sharebearing no interest
bearish operationbearish outlook
bed-rock pricebeginning and end of year balance
beginning and ending valuesbeginning budget
behaviourbehaviour of prices
below capacitybelt system
belt system productionbenchmark
benchmark coefficientsbenchmark data
benchmark year databeneficial
benefit societybenefits derived from voluntary deposits
benefits foregonebenevolence
best estimatebest output
best-profit outputbest-profit scale of output
biasbias upward
biasedbiased estimate
bidbid price
bid quotationbid up
biennial budget cyclebig
big Boardbilateral agreement on labour recruitment
bilateral assistancebilateral quotas
billbill drawn against grain
bill holdingbill holdings
bill marketbill of acceptance
bill of costsbill of exchange
bill of farebill of goods
bill of imprestbill of lading
bill of materialsbill of parcels
bill of salebill of sufferance
bill payablebill receivable
bills in handbinary system
bindbind duties
bindingbirth and death rate of businesss
birth rankblack
black legblack market
black-coated workersblank
blank billblank credit
blanketblanket price
blanket regulationblind entrys
blockblock allocation
block of sharesblock policy
blocked accountblotter
blueblue collar employees
blue-chip sharesblue-collar productivity
blue-collar workersblue-ribbon
board meetingboard of Customs and Excise
board of Exchequerboard of health
board of Tradeboard of Treasury
boardingboarding card
boarding houseboarding school
bodybody corporate
bogusbogus cheque
bogus companybonanza
bondbond borrowing
bond debtbond financing
bond interest chargesbond issue
bond marketbond of indemnity
bond ratebond yield
bondedbonded (in bond) processing industrial projects
bonded debtbonded goods
bonded storagebonded warehouse
bondholderbonds outstanding
bonusbonus fund
bonus jobbonus plan
bonus schemebonus stock
bonus systembook
book accountbook balance
book keeperbook keeping
book pricesbook space
book space (room, ticket)book value
book value of equipmentbook value of land
book-keepingbooking confirmation
booking(s)booking(s) confirmation
booking(s) office (box)books must be authenticated
books must be authenticated by ...boom
bootleg wagesborrow
borrow short (short borrowing)borrowed capital
borrowing ceilingborrowing costs
borrowing countryborrowing demand
borrowing in the form of interest paying Government bondsborrowing on promissory note
borrowing powerborrowings abroad
borrowings within the regionbottleneck
bottleneck in capacitybottom
bottom pricebounty
brainbrain bank
brain drainbrain work
brain workersbrain-drain (exodus)
branchbranch bank
branch businessbranch business of a main concern
branch companiesbranch companys
branch establishmentbranch of activity
branch of businessbranch of economic activity
branch of industrybranch office
branch plantbranchs of production
brandbrand name
breach of contractbread-earner
breakbreak clause
break in the cyclebreak the contract
break with a firmbreak-even
break-even costsbreak-even point
break-in periodbreakage
breakdownbreakdown by countries (by sex and age)
breakdown gangbreakdown of capital by type of asset
breakdown of machinebreakdown of service
breakdown of the Bretton Woods monetary arrangementsbreakdown repair
breaking bulkbreeding stock
brisk demandbroker
Brussels Trade nomenclatureBTN
budget and tax procedurebudget balance
budget balancerbudget estimates
budget formatbudget index
budget inspectionbudget of time study
budget of working timebudget performance
budget preparationsbudget presentation
budget statisticsbudget surplus
budget tablesbudget underrun
budget yearbudgetary
budgetary aidbudgetary aid allocations
budgetary estimatebudgetary financing
budgetary periodbudgetary provisions
budgetary requirementsbudgetary shortfall
budgetary transfersbudgeted cash variable expensess
budgeted fixed costssbudgeted or actual annual summary of earnings
budgetingbuffer pool
buffer stock financing facility (IMF)buffer stocks of primary commodities
building and assembly worksbuilding and construction
building contractorbuilding costs
building cyclesbuilding engineer
building expensesbuilding foreman
building inspectionbuilding licensing
building materialsbuilding of inventories
building officebuilding permits
building plotbuilding section
building startsbuilding trade
building upbuildup building
built-in obsolescencebuilt-in stabilizers
bulkbulk buying
bulk cargobulk carrier
bulk freightbulk handing devices
bulk of consumer goodsbulk product
bulk purchasebulk sale
bulk-buyingbulk-line costss
bulkerbulky goods
bull marketbullion
bullion pointbullish operation
burdenburden center
burden chargesburden of debt (indebtedness)
burden of external debtburried
businessbusiness ability
business accountingbusiness accounts
business activitybusiness administrator
business alliancebusiness analysis
business and personal servicesbusiness anticipations
business assets(s)sbusiness barometers
business behaviorbusiness births and deaths
business calculationsbusiness community
business conditionsbusiness contractions
business control systembusiness criterion
business cyclebusiness cycle peak
business cycle peaks and troughsbusiness decision-making
business decisionsbusiness demand
business depressionbusiness economists
business enterprisebusiness establishment
business expansionbusiness expectations
business expensesbusiness failures
business fluctuationsbusiness forecasting
business groupsbusiness gyrations
business hoursbusiness interruption
business investmentbusiness investments
business leadersbusiness leadership in a firm
business machinesbusiness man
business mortalitybusiness of the day
business organizationbusiness paper
business periodbusiness population
business practicebusiness prospects
business quarterbusiness quarters
business recessionbusiness recovery
business relationsbusiness sales
business savingbusiness savings
business sectorbusiness solvency
business stabilizationbusiness stamp
business statisticsbusiness statisticss
business stocksbusiness structure by industries
business supply and demandbusiness taxes
business transactionbusiness transfers
business unitbusiness world
business yearbusiness-management
buy in quantitybuy-back price
buy-back price of oilbuy-back prices of oil
buyerbuyer's market
buyer's pricesbuyer's rate
buyers exclusivebuyers rate
buyers' pricesbuying
buying expensebuying habits of population
buying patternby instalment
by semi- logarithmic regression trendsby the slump