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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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abandonabandon a claim
abandon convertibilityabandon gold standard
abandon goods to the insurerabandon price control
abandonmentabandonment of option
abilityability produce
ability to payability to produce
ability to repayability to work
abolishabolish a duty
abolish a tariffabolish a tax
abolition committeeabsence
absence from workabsence of personal responsibility
absence of planabsence rate
absence without leaveabsentee
absentee landlordabsentee owner
absentee owner's farmabsenteeism
absenteeism rateabsolute deviation
absolute valueabsolve
absorbabsorb the output of the schools
absorbing capacityabsorption
absorption capacityabsorption capacity of a developing country
abstainabstain from entering into contracts
abstinenceabstinence theory
abstractabstract of account
abstract of statisticsabundance
abuseabuse of benefits
abuse of creditabuse of economic power
abuse of rightsaccelerate
accelerated depreciationaccelerateed depreciation
accelerateing premiumaccelerateing wage rate
accelerating premiumaccelerating wage rate
accelerationacceleration coefficient
acceleration factoracceleration of growth
acceleration principleaccept
accept an offeraccept goods
acceptableacceptable quality level
acceptable quality rangeacceptance
acceptance bank (house)acceptance bill
acceptance creditacceptance of work
acceptance testacceptance trials
accessaccess to markets
access to markets for commoditiesaccess to technology
accessionaccession rate
accessorialaccessorial services
accessoryaccessory work
accidentaccident experience
accident freeaccident frequency rate
accident insuranceaccident preventatives
accident preventionaccident rate
accident riskaccident severity rate
accident statisticsaccidental
accidental damage to fixed capitalaccidental loss
accommodateaccommodate someone with money (loan)
accommodationaccommodation unit
accountaccount book
account departmentaccount document
account equipmentaccount executive
account holderaccount in one's custody
account of chargesaccount production
account showing the status ofaccount valuation
accountant officeraccounting
accounting (services) feeaccounting clerk
accounting conventionsaccounting currency
accounting deviceaccounting entry
accounting frameworkaccounting information
accounting machineaccounting mechanism
accounting methodsaccounting period
accounting practiceaccounting price
accounting principlesaccounting procedure
accounting recordsaccounting system
accounting unitaccounts in use
accounts of the UN for the year ...accounts outstanding
accounts payableaccounts payable liabilities
accounts receivableaccounts should be approved by the Controller
accounts with a long time to runaccrual
accrual basis (of accounting)accrual basis of accounting
accrual from trade transactionsaccrue
accrue a rightaccrued interest
accrued itemsaccrued liabilities
accrued taxesaccrueing income
accumulateaccumulated data
accumulated debtaccumulated depreciation
accumulated dividedaccumulated error
accumulated interestaccumulated stocks
accumulative savingachieve
achieve complementarity in regional pattern of industrial develoachievement
acquisitionacquisition and replacement estimates
acquisition costsacquisition of market power
acquisition of technologyacquisitiveness
acquitacquitance roll
acquittanceacquittance roll
acreage allotmentacross the board
across the board reduction of dutiesacross the board wage increase
actionaction for damage
action for non-deliveryaction of rescission
action researchactive
active and idle balancesactive balance
active balance of trade (of payment)active competition
active demandactive proprietors
active storageactively seeking work
activityactivity analysis
activity in the world marketactivity rates
activity(ies) classificationactual
actual capitalactual conditions of life
actual cost(s)actual costs
actual dataactual economic situation
actual hoursactual level of assessment
actual marketactual outlays an imputed costs
actual performanceactual price
actual state of the market of ...actual value
actuals marketactuarial
actuarial consultantactuarial equivalent
actuarial marginactuarial mathematics
actuarial probabilitiesactuarial probabilitys
actuarial reservesactuarial services
actuarial statisticsactuarial tables
actuarial valuationactuary
ad valorem dutyad valorem tariff
adaptation of technologyadapted crops
adapted technologyadd
added units of goodadding
adding machineadding to the stock of goods
additionaddition to capital
addition to fixed assets and stocksaddition to price
additionaladditional (extra) earnings
additional allocation of SDRsadditional annual index adjustment
additional base salary costssadditional charges
additions to structureadequate
adequate allowanceadequate data
adequate provisionsadequation
adherenceadherence to specification
adjust an accountadjust international payments
adjust output to capacityadjustable
adjusted dataadjusted for changes in prices
adjusted for season variationsadjusted for seasonal variations
adjusted indexadjusted net revenue
adjusted totaladjuster
adjustingadjusting (smoothing) of curves
adjusting shopadjustment
adjustment assistanceadjustment assistance measures
adjustment coefficientadjustment entrys
adjustment for changes in the quality of the labour forceadjustment for education
adjustment measuresadjustment of benefits
adjustment of claimsadjustment policy
adjustment processadjustment rules
adjustment tableadjustment tables
adjustment techniqueadjustment to market change
adjustment to quality differenceadjustment(s) in data
adjustments of benefits in respect of cost-of-living changesadjustments to figures
administeradministered prices
administration expensesadministration of budget
administration of import restrictionsadministration of management improvement services
administration of quotesadministrative
administrative actionadministrative arrangements
administrative costssadministrative division
administrative employeesadministrative expenditures (expenses)
administrative personneladministrative process
administrative revenuesadministrative staff
administrative workadministrator
admissible erroradmission
admission feeadmit
admit a claimadoption capacity
advanceadvance account
advance billadvance delivery
advance from the fundadvance in price
advance insurance premiumsadvance money
advance money to enterpriseadvance payment
advancedadvanced capital
advanced economyadvanced goods (manufactures)
advanced industrial countriesadvanced industrial economy
advanced industriesadvanced method
advanced nationsadvanced studys
advanced technologyadvanced technology manufactures
advancementadvances to individuals
advances to the Working Capital Fundadvantage
adverseadverse (negative) balance
adverse balanceadverse balance of trade
adverse in priceadverse movement
adverse partyadvertise
advertise for somethingadvertised goods
advertising agencyadvertising as an industry
advertising costsadvertising costss
advertising expensesadvertising man
advertising manageradvice
advisoryadvisory board
advisory committeeaffiliate
affiliated (branch) companyaffiliation
after allowing for inflationafter deductions for collected revenues
after sales serviceafter-
after-sales serviceafter-sight
after-tax profitafter-tax remuneration
after-tax remuneration (salary, wage)age
age (life) method of depreciationage composition
age of equipmentage pyramid
age structure of capitalaged population
agencyagency budgets
agency overhead costssagent
agent of independent statusaggregate
aggregate amountaggregate analysis
aggregate approachaggregate capacity
aggregate capacityiesaggregate capital stock
aggregate consumption expenditureaggregate costss
aggregate dataaggregate demand
aggregate domestic investmentaggregate index
aggregate investmentaggregate market demand
aggregate membershipaggregate of firms
aggregate outputaggregate product
aggregate production functionaggregate quantity
aggregate supplyaggregate table
aggregate totalaggregate valuations
aggregate workersaggregation
aggregativeaggregative data
aggregative index memberaggressive selling
agree on priceagreed and liquidated damages
agreed priceagreement
agreement of leaseagreement on debt cancellation, moratorium, rescheduling or inte
agreement on industrial propertyagricultural
agricultural capitalagricultural cooperative
agricultural cooperative (co-op)agricultural economist
agricultural employmentagricultural engineer
agricultural engineeringagricultural experiment stations
agricultural extension serviceagricultural extension workers
agricultural implementsagricultural infrastructure
agricultural inputsagricultural investment
agricultural non-food productsagricultural output
agricultural populationagricultural prices
agricultural processingagricultural procurement prices
agricultural produceagricultural productivity
agricultural unemploymentagriculture
agriculture and fisheriesagriculture and related industries
agro businessagro-
agro-based industriesagro-business
agro-industrialagroindustrial complex
aidaid absorption capacity
aid-tyingaids and appliances
airair conveyance
air fareair freight
air line(s)air Navigation Convention
air transport agreementairway bill
alignaligned sample
alignmentalignment of the duties (tariffs)
alignment of the dutysall
all charges borneall copyright(s) reserved by ...
all economic activityall factory trades
all handsall risk insurance
all risks insuranceall round mechanization of production
all service activitysall-factory expenses (expenditures)
all-function combineall-time high (low)
allocateallocate expenses pro rata
allocate marketsallocate resources
allocated expenses itemsallocation
allocation for cultural servicesallocation of labour
allocation of resourcesallocation of risks and the cost of insurance
allocation of risks between the cargo owner and the carrierallocation of tillable land among crops
allocation to reserveallocator
allotallot a task
allow a discountallowable
allowable defectsallowance
allowance for contingenciesallowance for damage
allowance for depreciationallowance for draft
allowance for low per capita incomealter
alter an invoicealter an order
alter the firmalteration
alteration of premisesalternate
alternation of premisesalternative
alternative cropsalternative design
alternative exchange rate regimealternative goods and services
alternative income streamsalternative inputs
alternative scenarioalternative sets of data
alternative technologiesamalgamate
amalgamated unionamalgamation
amalgamation of businessameliorate
amenitiesAmerican interests
amortizationamortization period
amount appropriated by resolutionamount balance
amount dueamount of business
amount of invoiceamount of post adjustment
amount outstandingamount to
amount usedanalogue computer
analysisanalysis of economic activities of an enterprise
analytic(al)analytic(al)(al) accounting
analytical accountinganimated demand
anniversaryanniversary year
announcement of pledgesannual
annual average compound rateannual balance
annual calf cropannual consumption
annual costs of wagesannual depreciation amount
annual depreciation costannual disappearance
annual disappearance of grainannual duty per machine
annual earnings summaryannual maintenance fee
annual maintenance fee charged by patent officeannual meeting
annual minimum wageannual outlays for repairs and maintenance
annual receiptsannual retirement allowance
annual returnannual salary
annual savingannual statement
annual turnoverannuitant
annuityannuity bond
anti-anti-competitive practice
anti-cyclical measuresanti-growth policies
anti-recessionary policyanti-trust
anti-trust lawanti-trust law (legislation)
anticipateanticipate payment
anticipate trendsanticipated adjustments
anticipated profitanticipation
anticipatoryanticipatory damages
anticompetitive practiceantidumping code
antirecessionary policyapartment house
apparentapparent domestic (national) consumption
apparent stocksappellation of origin
applicantapplicant for a patent
applicationapplication blank (form)
application for a patentapplication for investment
application for investmentsapplied
applied artapplied economics
applied researchapplied science
applied statisticssapplied studys
apportioned costs (expenses)apportionment
apportionment method (of income estimation)appraisal
appraisal of dataappraise
appraised valueappraisement
appreciation in value of investmentappreciation of capital
appreciation of currency rateappreciation of exchange rate
apprehensive buyingapprentice
apprentice trainingapprenticeship
appropriateappropriate a piece of property
appropriate goods to the contractappropriate housing
appropriate money for ...appropriation
appropriation accountappropriation of payment
appropriation resolution for ...appropriations requested by the General Assembly
approvalapproval of an account
approximate valueapproximated aggregation
approximationapproximation straight line
arbitration actarbitration agreement
arbitration of exchangearbitration of quality
area pattern of tradearea sample
area samplingarithmetic
arithmetic averagearithmetic mean
arithmetical chartarrange
arrange a matterarrange difference
arrangementarrangement of product flows
arrangements for the reciprocal availability of government crediarray
arrear(s)arrear(s)s of housing
arrear(s)s of interestarrear(s)s of rent
arrear(s)s of workarrearage
articlearticle of luxury
articles of apprenticeshiparticles of association
articles of consumptionarticles of food
articles of importsarticles of incorporation
articles of manufactoryarticles of prime necessity
artificialartificial advertisement-led demand
artificial capitalartificial person
artificial sampleartificial transactions
ascertainascertain the extent of the damage
ascertainmentascertainment of quality
assembling departmentassembling fitter
assemblyassembly belt (line)
assembly line techniqueassembly shop
assessassess damage
assessable paymentsassessed contributions
assessed taxesassessed valuation
assessmentassessment base
assessment of compensation for nationalizationassessment of statutory prices
assessments for regular budgetassessments for the regular budget
assessments of contributionsassessments to budget
assets and principal liabilitiesassets(s)
assets(s) formationassets(s) holdings
assets(s) ledgerassets(s) structure of a plant
assets(s)-capacity ratioassets(s)s and liabilities
assets(s)s in the non-material sphereassets(s)s-liabilities standing
assignassign a limit
assign a sumassignation
assignmentassignment allowance
assignment clauseassignment of a contract
assignment of copyrightassignment of lands
assignments to budgetassignments to state budget
assimilation, adaptation and reproduction of foreign technologyassimilation, adaptation reproduction of foreign technology
assistanceassistance in grant from
assistantassistant auditor
associated companyassociation
association of consulting management engineersassociation of the State with foreign enterprises
assorted cargoassortment
assumeassume charge of business
assume liabilityassume risk
assume tax liabilityassumed bond
assumed nameassumption
assumption of obligation (risk)assurance
assureat a discount
at book valueat buying rate
at face valueat factor cost
at factor costsat historic(al) costss
at joint expenseat London interbank offered rates
at parat prevailing price
at prevailing rates of exchangeat specific times
at-arms-length provisionatomistic competition
attachattach goods
attach sealattachment
attachment of insuranceattainder
attendance to custom formalitiesattendant
attendant's placeattorney
auction by tenderauction sale
auditaudit arrangements
audit of booksauditing committee
austerityausterity budget
austerity campaign (drive)austerity car
austerity economyausterity housing
austerity programautarchy
author certificateauthor's certificate
authorizationauthorization of capital
authorizeauthorized capital
authorized capital stockauthorized expenditures
authorized manning tableauto-correlation
automaticautomatic adjustment
automatic adjustment of the economyautomatic adjustments of outlays
automatic balanceautomatic control
automatic economic stabilizersautomatic feeding
automatic invoicingautomatic lapse of a patent
automatic licensingautomatic line
automatic plantautomatic selling
automatic stabilityautomatic stabilizer
automatic time sharingautomatic wage control
automatically adjustingautomatically maintained stability
automationautonomous investment
autonomous variableauxiliary
auxiliary departmentauxiliary enterprise
auxiliary goodsauxiliary material
auxiliary materialsauxiliary production
auxiliary raw materialsauxiliary services
auxiliary shopauxiliary work
auxiliary workerauxiliary works
availavailability for work
availableavailable assets
available capacityavailable capital
available dataavailable supplies
averageaverage adjustment
average capacityaverage clause
average compoundaverage data
average deviationaverage down
average due dataaverage earnings
average erroraverage farm wage rates
average hourly earningsaverage in question
average outaverage output
average paymentaverage rate of profit
average sampleaverage size of firm
average size of plantaverage standard of consumption
average unit costaverage up
average valueaverage weekly hours worked
avoidavoid a contract
avoirdupois poundaward
award a contractaward of a contract