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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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F. O. B.fabric
fabricated materialsfabricated parts
fabricateing worksfabrication
faceface amount
face valuefacial
facial accountfacilitate
facilitateing marketing agenciesfacilitation
facilities and standards of servicefacility
facilitys and standards of servicefacilitys available for generation of power
factorfactor analysis
factor combinationsfactor costs
factor costssfactor demand
factor earningsfactor endow
factor endowmentfactor incomes
factor inputsfactor into
factor marketsfactor matrix
factor of meritfactor of proportionality
factor paymentsfactor pricing
factor remunerationsfactor restrictions
factor returnsfactor services
factor substitutionsfactor-price equilibrium
factor-~ analysisfactors markets
factors of productionfactory
factory burdenfactory committee
factory costssfactory goods
factory inspectorsfactory layout
factory ledgerfactory management
factory outletfactory overhead
factory sales branchfactory shipments
factory startsfactory waste
factory-made goodsfail
failure to deliverfailure to pay
failure to work a patentfair
fair competitionfair employment practice
fair employment practices commissionsfair price
fair pricesfair quantities
fair returnfair supply
fair trade practicefair-labour-practice acts
false declarationsfamily
family accounts statisticsfamily allowance
family allowancesfamily budget
family budget schedulefamily budget studies
family budgetsfamily business
family enterprisefamily entrepreneur
family farmfamily industry
family planningfamily settlement
family workersfamine
famine pricefamine relief
farm budget analysisfarm business
farm business summaryfarm capital
farm capital goodsfarm enterprise
farm firmfarm foreclosures
farm handfarm hands
farm implement storesfarm implements
farm improvementsfarm income
farm input suppliersfarm inputs
farm labourfarm land use
farm layoutfarm machinery
farm managerfarm mechanization
farm operatorsfarm organization
farm parity ratiofarm performance
farm populationfarm practice
farm pricesfarm prices support
farm produce assemblerfarm produce buyer
farm product processorsfarm production inputs
farm production technologyfarm receipts, costs and profits
farm rentfarm resources
farm sectorfarm services
farm statisticsfarm structures
farm surplusesfarm surpluss
farm tenure statusfarm workers
farm's gate-pricefarmer
farmers cooperative (co-op)farmers' produce
farmingfarming plant
faultyfaulty goods
favorable development environmentfavour
favourablefavourable accounts
favourable balancefavourable balance of trade
favourable credit facilitysfavourable most treatment
favourable passive accountsfavourable trade outlook
favoured treatmentfeasibility
feasibility studyfeasible
federalFederal bank deposits insurance
federal budgetfederal combines
federal employeesFederal excise
federal expenditureFederal reserve Bank
feed back factorfeed conversion ratio
feed grainfeed grains
feed supplementsfeed supplies
feed supplysfeed-back
feed-back channelfeed-back costss
feed-back effectfeeder
feeder roadsfeeding stuffs
fertilizer feedstockfidelity clause
fiduciary standardfield
field accounts unitfield and headquarters staffing
field establishmentfield layout
field local stafffield of application
field officefield operations
field researchfield salesman
field service of personnelfield services UN
field tripfield work
field-handfield-level activities
figurefigure of merit
file a declaration of bankrupcyfile a patent application
file accountsfile an application for investment
filingfiling date of patent application
filing feefill posts
final balancing of all payments and receiptsfinal buyers
final consumerfinal consumption
final demandfinal demand sector
final demand sectorsfinal fee
final marketfinal output
final payfinal port
final product flowsfinal salvage value
final stages of distributionfinal use
final userfinal utility theory of value
financefinance commitment
finance commitmentsfinance company
finance housefinancial
financial and operative rationfinancial assets and liabilities
financial assets(s)sfinancial assets(s)s and liabilities
financial authorizationfinancial capital
financial contributionfinancial credit instruments
financial disclosurefinancial embarrassment
financial enterprisefinancial establishment
financial growth of industriesfinancial houses
financial incentivefinancial incentive plan
financial institutionfinancial investment
financial managementfinancial planning
financial positionfinancial pressure
financial ratingfinancial regulations
financial reportfinancial reporting
financial resources for developmentfinancial sources of funds
financial standingfinancial statement
financial strainsfinancial strainss
financial stringencyfinancial target for the assistance programme
financial target for the budgetary requirementsfinancial targets
financial yearfinancially autonomous enterprise
financingfinancing arrangements
financing of appropriationsfinancing of commodity buffer stocks
financing of industry through the purchase of industrial securitfinancing of inventorys
financing of investmentfinancing of the budget
financing of the deficits of the balance of paymentfind markets
finefine-grained desaggregation
finished costsfinished fat cattle
finished goodsfinished goods inventory
finished manufacturesfinished material
finished outputfinished product
finished product stockfinished products
finished stockfinishing
firm liabilitiesfirm market
firm namefirm of consulting engineers
firm pricesfirm specific technology
firm-specific technologyfirst
first checkingfirst chop
first costfirst costss
first handfirst option
first qualityfirst rate
first-hand informationfirst-in-first-out accounting (FIFO)
first-in-~-out systemfiscal
fiscal chargesfiscal cooperation
fiscal dragfitter
fitters workfitting
fitting shopfive-year plan
fixfix exchange rates
fix pricesfixed
fixed and variable costssfixed assets
fixed assets balancefixed assets(s)s
fixed base indexfixed capital
fixed capital (land, buildings and equipment)fixed capital accumulation
fixed chargesfixed coefficients
fixed costsfixed costss for land and structures
fixed equipmentfixed exchange rates
fixed expensefixed fee
fixed fee (patents)fixed goods
fixed income securities (bonds)fixed input costss
fixed input-output coefficientfixed liabilities
fixed outlaysfixed overhead
fixed overhead chargesfixed overhead costs
fixed paritiesfixed paritys
fixed pricesfixed rate of interest
fixed raw materialsfixed royalties
fixed royaltysfixed sample
fixed sample sizefixed term personnel
fixed to total assets(s)s ratiofixed trading pattern
fixed unit costsfixed-income securitys
fixed-point arithmeticfixed-term appointment
fixed-term contractfixed-term personnel
flatflat charge
flat feeflat money
flat pathflat price
flat rateflat sum tax
flexibleflexible administration of ceiling
flexible budgetflexible gang
flexible tariffflight
flight 'from money'flight capital
flight from moneyflight of capital
flight of the dollarfloat
float a companyfloat a loan
floatationfloatation of bonds
floatingfloating assets
floating assets(s)sfloating capital
floating currencyfloating debt
floating exchange ratesfloating funds in circulation
floating funds in operationfloating policy
floating populationfloating rates
floating-point arithmeticfloor
floor for minimum contribution set at ...floor principle
floor spacefloundering national economys
flowflow categories
flow chartflow data
flow diagramflow line
flow line productionflow matrix
flow of commoditiesflow of consumption product
flow of demandflow of funds
flow of funds accountsflow of funds table
flow of material goodsflow of producers goods
flow of productionflow of real resources
flow of trafficflow process chart
flow studiesflow-of-funds table
flows and stocks conceptflows and stocks in the economy
flows and stocks of an economyflows between the production accounts of different industries
flows from insurance and grantsflows of goods
flows of money incomeflows of services
flows of technological knowledgeflows out of the region
fluctuation in exchangefluctuation of demand
fluctuation of marketsfluctuations in exports and imports
fluctuations in unemploymentfluid
fluid fundfluidity
fluidity in securitiesfluidity of capital and labour
flushfollow-up investment
foodfood assistance
food basketfood consumption
food crisisfood expenditure
food grainfood grains
food processing industryfood production
food productsfood programme
food shortagefood situation
food stamps systemfood staples
food supplyfoodstuffs
for account of Mr. Xfor more detailed information see ...
for the purpose of adjustmentsfor want of...
forceforce account work
force down pricesforce majeure
force of menforce the market
force to payforce up prices
force up the exchangeforced
forced labourforced sale
forces of productionforecast
forecast dateforecast horizon
forecast of national populationforecast period
forecast planningforecast population numbers
forecast yearforecaster
forecastingforecasting error
forecasting methodsforecasting of business activity
forecasting of future developmentforeclose
foreclosureforegoing estimate
foreignforeign balance
foreign billforeign bill of exchange
foreign capital inducementforeign commerce
foreign controlled companyforeign deficit
foreign equityforeign exchange
foreign exchange constraintforeign exchange cost
foreign exchange costsforeign exchange earnings
foreign exchange holdingsforeign exchange permits
foreign exchange rateforeign exchange resources
foreign going vesselforeign investment incentive schemes
foreign investment regulationforeign investment screening
foreign investment screening boardforeign investments supervision
foreign labour flowforeign majority interest
foreign minedforeign ownership ceiling
foreign participationforeign private investors
foreign remittancesforeign reserves
foreign tradeforeign trade conversion factor
foreign trade deficitforeign-owned refugee capital
forfeiture of a patentform
form a companyformal contracts
formal letter of awardsformation
forms of business organizationforward
forward bill of exchangeforward contract for ~ delivery
forward contractsforward delivery
forward momentumforward rate
forwarding agentforwarding business
forwarding chargesforwarding fee
forwarding feesfound
four digit industryfractional currency
fragmentary informationframework
framework of societyframework of studies
franchisefranchise contract
franchise dealerfranchise tax
fraudulentfraudulent bankrupt
freefree access
free alongside ship pricefree at border price
free coin agefree depreciation
free enterprisefree enterprise economy
free entryfree exchange market
free export processing zonefree export-processing zone
free goodsfree import
free importsfree industrial zones
free into bunkerfree labour
free listfree market
free of averagefree of charge
free of debtfree on board
free on board pricefree on rail price
free on truck pricefree or partly controlled enterprise system
free portfree private enterprise
free processing areafree surplus of turnover
free tradefree trade area
free trade areasfree trade zone
free-enterprise countriesfree-frontier price
freedom of contractfreelist binding
freely convertible exchangefreeze
freeze wagesfreezing
freezing of meansfreezing of wage
freightfreight collect (collect freight)
freight densityfreight forwarder
freight marketfreight rate
freight servicesfreight settlement
freight trafficfreighter
frictional unemploymentfringe
fringe benefitfringe benefits
fringe urban population groupsfront
frozenfrozen account
frozen assetsfrozen credits
fuel and energy budgetfull
full capacity operationfull coverage
full employmentfull employment budget
full employment of labourfull employment output
full employment policyfull life of buildings
full loadfull power
full renovationfull repair
full sizefull time
full unit capacityfull-employment equilibrium
full-service wholesalerfull-time job
full-time man equivalentfull-time workers
fully developed exchange economyfully paid
fully-owned farmfunction
functionalfunctional distribution
functional improvementsfunctional layout
functional managementfunctional services
functional specializationfunctional type of organization
fund in the pipelinefund of consumer good for sale
fund of consumer goods for salefund s in custody of ...
fund-in-trustfund-raising campaign
funded debtfunding principle
funds in custody of ...funds in hand
funds provided fromfunds under or outside the program
future deliveryfuture deliverys
future exchangefuture goods
future ordersfutures
futures commodityfutures contract
futures marketfutures trading
futures turnoverfuturity