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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
A B C D E F J H I j K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
D/A documentary usance billD/P documentary usance bill
daily allowancedaily average
daily paid staffdaily proceeds
daily receiptsdaily receiptss
daily recorddairy products dry content
damagedamage certificate
damaged goodsdamages paid
dampendampened cycle
dampened oscillationdampening of prices
datadata are not available
data basedata collecting
data collection costssdata collection framework
data collection vehicledata conversion
data conversion (translation)data handling
data handling proceduredata handling system
data indata input
data limitationdata out
data problemsdata processing
data processing machinesdata processing rate
data processing systemdata processing system (DP system)
data recordingdata remote processing
data retrievaldata smoothing
data stored in the central computerdata translation
datedate closing
date of deliverydate of payment
date of sealingdate of the census
dayday book
day labourday labourer
day labourersday of entry
day offday rate
day shiftday wages
day-to-~day-to-~ control
day-to-~ needsday-to-~ work
days of gracede facto balance
deaddead beat
dead linedead loss
dead seasondead stock
dead timedead work
deadweightdeadweight... ton in ballast
dealdeal in cars
dealerdealer discounts
dealer franchisedealers in securities
dealers in securitysdealing
dealingsdear money
dearness allowancedeath
death annuitiesdeath annuitys
death benefitdeath duty
death of equipmentdeath rate
debenturedebenture interest
debitdebit a sum against the account of ...
debit accountsdebit an account
debit and creditdebit balance
debit debtsdebit entry
debit itemdebit Mr. X with 100$
debtdebt consolidation
debt contracted on hard termsdebt conversation
debt creationdebt crunch
debt financingdebt limit
debt liquidationdebt management
debt marketdebt moratorium
debt of defered maturitydebt of deferred maturity
debt outstanding as of January 1debt position
debt ratiodebt rearrangements
debt reliefdebt repayment
debt reschedulingdebt retirement
debt servicedebt service obligations
debt service paymentsdebt service ratio
debt servicingdebt servicing costs
debt servicing costssdebt servicing problem
debt surviving costsdebt-to-equity ratio
debtordebtor creditor relationships
debtor nationdebtor position
decade averagesdecelerate
decelerationdecennial census
decimal placedeclaration
declaration of origindeclaration of payment
declared dividenddecline
decline in pricesdecline of export markets
decliningdeclining balances method
declining marginal efficiency of capital theorydeclining sectors of the economy
decontroldecontrol prices
deductabledeductable costs
deductible costssdeduction
deduction from internal reproductiondeduction of 5 per cent
deduction of expensesdeduction of expensess
deeddeed of conveyance
deed of receptiondeed on conveyance
deed to the housedefalcation
default on bondsdefault on interest
default on international obligationdefaulted securities
defaulted securitysdefaulting customer
defaultion bondsdefect
defectivedefective competition
defective productdefective work
defects listdefense bill
deferdefer income
defered demanddefered expenses
defered incomedefered liabilities
defered paymentdeferred charges
deferred paymentsdeferred shares
deficient capacityiesdeficient product
deficitdeficit areas
deficit financingdeficit firm
deficit of the account with the rest of the worlddeficit spending
deflatedeflated by cost of living index deflation
deflationary actionsdeflationary gap
deflationary measuresdeflationary policy
deflationistdeflationist policies
deflationist tendenciesdeflator
defraydefray expenses
defray expensessdegree of comparability
degree of concentration of control in individual industriesdegree of diversification
degree of processingdegree of substitution
dehoaringdelays in deliverys
delinquentdelinquent mortgage
delinquent rentdelinquent tax
delivered pricedelivered prices
delivery calldelivery of energy
delivery orderdelivery period
delivery valuedemand
demand analysisdemand balance
demand billdemand conditions
demand constraintdemand constraints
demand curvedemand deposit
demand depositsdemand equation
demand factordemand fluctuations
demand for inputsdemand function
demand managementdemand price
demand pulldemand pull inflation
demand scheduledemand shifts
demand slumpdemand-and-supply curves
demand-pull inflationdenomination
density of occupationdensity of population
density of trafficdepartment
department costdepartment costs
department of Treasurydepartment statisticss
department storedepartmental
departmental statisticssdepartmentalism
dependencydependency allowance
dependency ratiodependency status
dependentdependent spouse
dependent spouse allowancedepleted stocks
depletiondepletion allowance
depletion chargesdepletion deductions
depletion of capital stockdepletion of resources
depletion reservesdeployment of personnel
depositdeposit account
deposit balancesdeposit banks
deposit insurancedeposit liabilities
deposit moneydeposit rate
deposit receiptdepositor
depositorydepository functions of banks
depreciable value (cost)depreciate
depreciated reproduction costsdepreciated value
depreciationdepreciation account
depreciation accountingdepreciation allowance
depreciation at choicedepreciation base
depreciation chargesdepreciation expenses
depreciation funddepreciation guidelines
depreciation of currencydepreciation rates
depreciation reservedepress
depressed areasdepressed conditions
depressed sectorsdepression
depression of the marketdepression of trade
derived demandderived target price
desaggregationdesaggregation of data
desaggregation of gross commodity flows into types of commoditiedesaggregation of gross money flows
desaggregation of the national account for productiondescent
designdesign automation
design feesdesign firm
design loaddesign of experiments
design patentdesign schedule
design valuesdesigner
designing firmdesigns of sampling investigations
desk-by-desk surveydesk-type computer
destinationdestination of outputs
destitutedestitute population
detaileddetailed breakdown
detailed datadetailed estimates
deteriorationdeterioration of terms of trade
deterioration of the world economydeterminant
determinants of population growthdeterminants of supply and demand
developdevelop and maintain land
develop marketdeveloped land
developed market economicsdeveloped market economies
developed market economysdeveloped socialism
developing market economicsdeveloping market economies
developing market economysdevelopment
development areasdevelopment Assistance Committee
development effortsdevelopment financing
development in compilation and related work in national accountsdevelopment lending
development of income measuresdevelopment of information
development of marketsdevelopment of national management personnel
development of new landdevelopment trends
differential calculusdifferential duties
differential paydifferential piecework
differential ratesdifferential time plan
differentiated commodity(ies)differentiation
digital computerdigital controlled computer
digital processdilution
dilution of labourdimension
dimensionlessdimensionless value
diminishing balance depreciationdiminishing productivity
diminishing return to scalediminishing returns
diminishing utilitydirect
direct comparisondirect consignment
direct correlationdirect costs
direct crops variable expensesdirect expensess not provided for under the budget appropriation
direct importdirect information
direct investmentdirect labour
direct labour costdirect labour costs
direct materialdirect method
direct observationdirect operating costss
direct refund of expendituredirect sampling
direct sellingdirect taxes
direct tiesdirect work
direct workerdirect-to-scale
directiondirectional flows of population
disability benefitdisability insurance
disability pensiondisabled
disablementdisablement allowance
disarrangement in economic relationshipsdisburse
dischargedischarge allowance
discharge from officedischarge of a contract
discharge of debtdischarge on the ground of redundancy
disclosuredisclosure of company accounts
disclosure of employmentdisclosure of invention
disclosure requirementsdisclosure rules
discontinuities of demanddiscount
discount housediscount market
discount pricesdiscount rate
discount storediscounted bill
discounted costsdiscounted costss
discounted marginal product of labourdiscounting
discounting of future goodsdiscrepancy
discrepant datadiscretionary licensing
discriminatediscriminateing duty
discriminateing tariffdiscrimination
discriminatorydiscriminatory discharge
discriminatory liberalization of tradediscriminatory prices
discriminatory restrictiondiscriminatory restrictions
discriminatory taxationdiseconomy
diseconomys of scaledisequilibrium
disinflation policydisintegrate
disintegrationdisintegration of economy
disk storagedislocation
dismissdismiss case
dismissaldismissal from office
dismissal paydismissal wage
dispatch advicedispatcher
dispatcher's deskdispatching
dispatching connection systemdispatching office
displacementdisplacement of equilibrium
displacement of men by machinesdisplacement tonnage
disposable incomedisposal
disposal of assetsdisposal of assets(s)s
disputedispute a claim
dispute committeedisquised unemployment
disruptiondisruption of schedule
disruption supplydissaving
dissolutiondissolution of a company
dissolvedissolve a company
distresseddistressed areas
distressed goodsdistressed selling
distributing enterprisedistribution
distribution centerdistribution charges
distribution cost structuredistribution costss
distribution functiondistribution margins
distribution of property ownershipdistribution of wealth
distribution ratiodistribution statistics
distribution statisticssdistribution theory
distributivedistributive characteristics
distributive chargesdistributive industries
distributive mechanismdistributive services
distributive systemdistributive trades
diversificationdiversification in type of wants
diversification of exportsdiversification of imports
diversification of industrydiversification of industry production
diversification of the economydiversify
diversify cropsdiversify investment portfolio
diversify productiondiversify the economy
dividenddividend and interest reserve
dividend in accountdividend warrant
dividend yielddivision
division of labourdivision of work
dockage facilitydocument
documentarydocumentary credit
documentary report on prior artdole
dollar balancesdollar dumping
dollar equivalentdollar gap
dollar positiondollar to gold convertibility
dollar-based investmentdomestic
domestic accountsdomestic cash expenditure at factor cost
domestic commercedomestic concept
domestic consumption patternsdomestic employment
domestic financed capital formationdomestic investment
domestic marketdomestic means of payment
domestic productdomestic product account
domestic spendingdomestic system
domestic tradedomestically mined
dominant undertakingdonate
donate fundsdonation
donor-country contentdot chart
doubledouble count
double countingdouble cropped lands
double digitdouble digit inflation
double digitsdouble entry book-keeping
double entry systemdouble entry table
double figuresdouble sampling
double shiftdouble stage sample
double standarddouble table
double taxationdouble taxation agreement
double-digit inflationdouble-entry book-keeping
double-entry social accountingdoubtful debt
down-gradingdown-pay 30%
down-turndown-ward demand curve
down-ward plan revisiondown-ward supply curve
down-ward trenddownturn of a cycle
downward adjustmentdownward bias
downward plandowry
draftdraft animal
draft budgetdraft design
draft guidelinesdraft on funds
drafting departmentdraftsman
drain on reservesdraw
draw a billdraw money from the bank
draw on a accountdraw on an account
draw on somebodydraw on the fund in the amount of
draw on the reservesdraw the balance
draw up a contractdrawback
drawback provisionsdrawing
drawing from special IMF facilities on concessional termsdrawing office
drawing potentialdrawing rights
drawing roomdrum storage
dry cargo tonnagedry goods
dry measuresdry-cardo ship
dry-cargo shipdual-rate contract
duedue date
duesdues harbour
duly audited balance sheetdummy
dummy accountdummy holder
dummy industriesdummy local company
dummy variabledumping
dumping chargesduplicating machine
durable capitaldurable goods
durablesduration of fluctuations
duration of the budget cycleduty
duty listduty paid price
duty-freeduty-free processing zone
dwellingdwelling unit
dwellingsdynamic input-output model
dynamic programming